Charmin Toilet Paper vs. Kroger, Great Value, and Brandless

We’ve all been there. Staring at the price tags in the TP aisle, aghast at how paper can come at such a steep price tag. We want our Charmin/ Cottonelle/ Angel Soft but the store brand claims to “Compare to:________.” We could try it, but we want the soft stuff and we don’t want our house guests thinking we’re cheap a***s. Fear not. We’ve tried a few and will be adding more to the app.

Kings of the Porcelain Throne:

Reigning Supreme is Kroger’s Home Sense Ultra Soft Bathroom Tissue. We found it even softer and more durable than Charmin Ultra Soft. At 92% similar, this makes our hinies and our wallets happy.

Another winner: Walmart’s Great Value Ultra Soft 2-Ply Toilet Paper. At 90% similar to Charmin, we think you’ll like to save with this soft toilet paper.


Brandless Bathroom Tissue. While this toilet paper is 2-ply, the sheets come apart easily and feel like sandpaper. We do NOT recommend purchasing this product, as it was a major let down!

We hope you’ll save on toilet paper so you can save on the green paper. What other household essentials do you like to save on?

Carolyn KochardComment