Crest 3D White Whitestrips Classic Vivid vs. CVS Health Classic White Whitening Strips

White Strips are among our most requested reviews, most likely because the products are so expensive and the store brands offer an opportunity to save some real money. Last month we took a look at Crest 3D White Whitestrips Classic Vivid and compared them to Target’s Up&Up version.  Today, we’re going to compare that same Crest product to CVS Health’s Classic White Whitening Strips.

The ingredient formulation on these products were slightly different. CVS contained all of the ingredients that Crest did, but also contained Disodium EDTA (a chelator, preservative, and stabilizer) and Poloxamer 407 (emulsifier).

The first major difference we noted between the products was the physical cut of the strips: the Crest version was crisply cut, while the CVS version was a little rougher around the edges. This was a problem, as the strips are highly adhesive, and the rough edges stuck to the package when we tried to remove them, which occasionally caused the strips to twist up and stick to itself.

When we got the strips untangled and applied them, the adhesive did not work as well during application, especially for the lower strip.

For both the name brand and the store brand, we noticed that it was difficult to remove and pieces of the strip stuck to the teeth. Overall, there was a sticky residue left on the teeth that had to be washed off for both products.

Overall similarity score: 74.5%.  This version did not score as well as the Up&Up version. The major problem was the possibility of getting a strip tangled up and useless when removing it from the package. This is a moderately good copy of the Crest name brand.