Aveeno Smooth Shave Gel vs. up&up Shave Gel

Mostly similar smell and consistency makes for a great store brand dupe.  We also think you will love the pump on this Target dupe for better control whilst dispensing.

Brandefy compares store brands (i.e. up&up) to name brands (i.e. Aveeno) to share with consumers when the store brand is similar, and to warn shoppers when it is not. We aim to save you time and cash, while having a good time. Check out our ratings page to get a quick view of how store brands stack up.

We think these are very similar, plus we love the dispenser on the up&up can more- a great switch to make!

We think these are very similar, plus we love the dispenser on the up&up can more- a great switch to make!

One of us at Brandefy, whose name has been omitted to protect identity, had a hairy situation.  Prickly legs are certainly not cute, so it was time to hit the shaving aisle at Target.  There is something about Aveeno that is friendly to people with sensitive skin.  They do a great job appealing to natural product fans.  These items were purchased and brought in for fur removal (ehem, testing).

After a quick comparison of ingredients, we felt they would be fairly similar, but not close enough to tell for sure.  The razor blade was changed for this trial to insure the gels were also tested for their ability to protect against nicks. 

The first thing the Brandefy expert noticed when taking the cap off was that the up&up version of this gel had a much more advanced dispenser.  Once both the up&up and Aveeno pumps were used, she found that the pump on the up&up can made for a much more controlled dispensing situation. Sorry, Aveeno, shooting gel out at an uncontrolled rate is not cool. So far, up&up: 1, Aveeno:0.

Then it was time to feel and smell the gels. They were both smooth and turned to creams as soon as they were rubbed on the legs.  They both had a nice mild smell, reminiscent of oatmeal.  Once the user started shaving, both gels preformed well in protecting the legs against razor nicks.

Our Brandefyer now has smooth legs again (hooray!), and we are happy to report that you can save some cash with the store brand on this one.  Now show those smooth legs off!


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