Review Club Signup

We noticed you’re interested in shopping smarter.  We’re willing to bet you like trying new products!  It feels like we’re going to get along well… so well that you should join the Brandefy Review Club!

Members of the Brandefy Review Club help fellow shoppers by testing name brand products against their store brand counterparts, saving others the misery of buying a bad dupe--or saving them money by finding great copycats! Brandefy covers the cost of the products, so there's no expense for Review Club members. Not only is the cost covered, but members are also eligible to win free product, amazing swag, and other awesome prizes and giveaways.

How it Works:

  1. Join our waiting list using the form below. Along the way, we'll ask you what retailers you like and what kinds of products you want to review.
  2. Once new spots are available, we'll provide you with a $15 gift card to your chosen store to purchase your first name brand/store brand product pair to compare.
  3. Submit your first product comparison using the link at the top of our website!
  4. After submitting your first review, we'll give you access to the Brandefy Review Club Facebook group, where you can sign up to compare other products to earn prizes and other gifts!
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