Lidl Roundup: Studs and Duds

We are loving Lidl right now. Like Aldi, many of the products you’ll find in store are private labels, usually meaning big savings. Plus, many stores are clean and spacious. Of course, we are not paid to do these reviews, but we are sharing the love!

Bounty 2-ply Paper Towels vs. Lidl Ultra Strong Paper Towels

Similarity Score: 98%

One of our Brandefy experts said this was one of the best paper towel dupes she's seen! We almost couldn't tell these two apart as they both have the diamond texture for quick absorbency. Both are almost identical in texture and feel. Run, don't walk to your closest Lidl to grab these great paper towels!


Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter vs. Lidl Creamy Peanut Butter

Similarity Score: 97%

Perfect dupe, we couldn't even tell the difference between the two brands.

Kleenex Trusted Care Facial Tissue vs. Lidl Soft & Strong Facial Tissue

Similarity Score: 92%

Testers thought these products were very similar in functionality and durability. In fact, the store brand is slightly bigger in size and feels a little softer. All agreed they would make the switch to the store brand!

Crush Orange Soda vs. Lidl Orange Soda

Similarity Score: 91%

This is a great dupe! The only small difference testers could pick out was that the name brand had a slightly sweeter taste. Other than that, these are very similar products and we would be glad to recommend the store brand!

Orville Redenbaucher Movie Theater Butter Popcorn vs. Lidl Movie Theater Butter Popcorn

Similarity Score: 91%

Wow - this dupe impressed testers! You can see, taste and smell the butter flavor on both of these. Testers even thought that the store brand had a little more butter and crunch to its popcorn. You can't go wrong switching to the store brand here.


Sunkist Orange Soda vs. Lidl Orange Soda

Similarity Score: 90%

Testers had a hard time telling these two apart. The store brand has a bit more of a sour, orangey taste but it's mild. We think these are very similar products and would be happy to recommend switching to the store brand!


Charmin Ultra Soft 2-Ply Toilet Paper vs. Lidl Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

Similarity Score: 89%

The store brand has slightly fewer sheets per roll than the name brand. Charmin is slightly softer and absorbs a little better than the store brand. However, testers thought these products were very similar overall and would make the switch based on the better price of the store brand.


Ziploc Snack Bags vs. Lidl Double Zipper Bags

Similarity Score: 89%

The name brand does come with easy open tabs and slightly better packaging. However, the store brand has a double zipper instead of Ziploc's single zipper. They are also equally as durable, so testers agreed they would make the switch here!


Enfamil Infant Formula with Iron vs. Lidl Infant Formula with Iron

Similarity Score: 88%

*All infant formula is regulated by the FDA, however, Store Brand Formula isn't like other store brand products, such as ketchup or canned peaches. Even though Store Brand Formula costs up to half the price, it has to be equal to the name-brand in terms of nutritional quality, quantity and safety because it is considered a sole source of nutrition.* Testers preferred the packaging of the store brand for its convenient scoop holder and leveler for easy measuring, which the name brand lacked. The store brand has a slightly sweeter taste, but it's not overpowering. Both formulas appeared to dissolve the same with minimal bubbles and no residue on the bottom. For similarity and better price, we would easily make the switch to the store brand!


A&W Root Beer vs. Lidl Root Beer

Similarity Score: 88%

Considering the ingredient match is a 10, it's no surprise these two products are almost the same. Other than the name brand's faintly sweeter smell and taste, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. We say go for the store brand!

Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise vs. Lidl Real Mayonnaise

Similarity Score: 88%

The store brand comes with a protective seal under the lid where the name brand does not. These two products were very similar overall, despite a slightly stronger vinegar flavor in the store brand. However, that didn't bother testers and they agreed it would be an easy switch.


Mr. Clean Magic Eraser vs. Lidl Cleaning Eraser

Similarity Score: 87%

This is a great dupe! Both products came with a flat side and a textured side for more difficult areas. When cleaning marks off of surfaces, both erasers got the job done with equal amounts of effort. Both erasers also seemed to experience the same amount of wear throughout testing. We happily recommend the store brand.


Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil vs. Lidl Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

Similarity Score: 87%

Testers actually preferred the store brand in this case. Even though its packaging appears to be a little flimsy, the foil is thicker than the name brand, thus making it more durable. We would definitely switch to the store brand.


Cheez IT Original Baked Cheese Crackers vs. Lidl Cheese Baked Crackers

Similarity Score: 84%

The only real difference to note here is the texture of the store brand, which was a little less flaky. One tester thought the store brand also had a slightly milder taste but others couldn't tell the difference. Both were deliciously cheesy. We would be happy to recommend the store brand version!


Nutella Hazelnut Spread vs. Lidl Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa

Similarity Score: 83%

The seal on the name brand packaging is easier to remove than the store brand. As far as taste and smell, the store brand has a slightly milder flavor but you wouldn't be able to tell unless eating side by side. Also, Nutella has a slightly thicker texture. Overall, testers agreed both products achieve that delicious hazelnut flavor and would be happy to switch to the store brand.


Progresso Minestrone Soup vs. Lidl Classic Minestrone Soup

Similarity Score: 81%

The store brand smelled and tasted like more of a tomato soup where the name brand tasted like herbs. Also, the store brand's veggies and noodles were almost mushy (no thanks!). We much prefer the taste and texture of Progresso's soup.


Dove Sensitive Skin Nourishing Body Wash vs. Lidl Nourishing Body Wash Sensitive

Similarity Score: 79%

These products appear to be pretty similar overall. The store brand's formula is a little thinner than the name brand and feels a little more oily going on the skin. It also appears to be unscented where Dove has a nice floral smell. If nice smell is a big selling point for you, we would say stick with the name brand, otherwise the store brand is a solid option.


Bounty Napkins Fun Print vs. Lidl Paper Napkins

Similarity Score: 79%

Testers were not pleased by the store brand's napkins. Its texture was thin and rough, reminding us more of tissue paper than a soft napkin. The name brand is much softer and absorbs better. We did not like Lidl's napkins and will gladly stick with Bounty.


Glad Tall Kitchen Bags vs. Lidl Tall Kitchen Trash Bags

Similarity Score: 78%

Even though Glad claims to be unscented, both of these products smelled pleasant. The store brand is also slightly bigger in height and width. The downfall is durability, because the store brand just didn't appear to hold up against the name brand and ripped more easily. This is not what we want out of a trash bag, so we will be sticking with Glad here.


Charmin Ultra Strong Bathroom Tissue vs. Lidl Ultra Strong Bath Tissue

Similarity Score: 77%

Testers noticed the store brand packaged their toilet paper a little messier because the roll was pretty bent. The name brand has a rougher texture and it absorbs much better than the store brand. The durability of the store brand is also lacking, because we noticed it broke into small fluff pieces. We recommend sticking with the name brand here.


Glad Cling Wrap Clear Food Wrap vs. Lidl Clear Plastic Cling Wrap

Similarity Score: 73%

Testers were unimpressed by the store brand's version of plastic cling wrap. Its packaging seemed a little more flimsy and the plastic wrap was really difficult to pull off the roll. It also didn't tear as smoothly as the name brand. We recommend sticking with Glad here.


Nabisco Ritz Crackers vs. Lidl Golden Round Crackers

Similarity Score: 69%

Testers agreed the store brand was lacking a few qualities in this case. It had a strange, artificial smell and aftertaste that wasn't very pleasant. It did not have that classic buttery and salty taste you get from a Ritz cracker. The store brand also seemed dry and not as flaky. We'll be sticking with the name brand.


Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Crisp Lemon vs. Lidl Disinfecting Wipes Fresh Citrus

Similarity Score: 65%

A positive thing to note about the store brand is that it's durable and has a more appealing real lemon smell. However, its packaging was difficult to use when trying to pull just one wipe through the plastic dispenser. It also lacked a lot of solution on the wipe compared to Clorox, which is very concentrated. This could mean you end up using two wipes to clean the same area that might only require one Clorox wipe. Testers weren't very impressed and agreed they would stick with the name brand.

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