Kroger Review Requests

Our latest round-up of review requests is all about Kroger. It’s a popular grocery store, and we’re here to help you save on the essentials. PS- we do not get paid to do these reviews.

Oscar Mayer Thick Cut Bacon vs. Kroger Thick Cut Bacon

Similarity Score: 94%

We PREFERRED the store brand! The taste of the two kinds of bacon was extremely similar, but we preferred the Kroger bacon's texture. It got crispy throughout, even on the fatty parts, while the Oscar Mayer fatty parts remained rubbery.


Crisco Pure Canola Oil vs. Kroger Pure Canola Oil

Similarity Score: 92%

The only difference in this comparison seems to be that the name brand has a slightly milder smell and taste. However, if you're using canola oil for cooking and baking you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. This would be an easy switch for us!

Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter vs. Kroger Creamy Peanut Butter

Similarity Score: 92%

Testers noticed that the name brand's formula is a little smoother than the store brand but they're both creamy as advertised. As far as taste, these two products were really similar and testers agreed they would easily make the switch here!


Keebler Club Crackers Multi-Grain vs. Kroger Country Club Crackers Multi-Grain

Similarity Score: 86%

Testers thought these products were really similar in most categories. The only thing to note is that the store brand's cracker was flakier and broke apart more easily, so it might not be ideal if you wanted to serve cheese or a dip with these. Otherwise, taste is just as pleasing and we'd be happy to make the switch.


Tostitos Original Restaurant Style Chips vs. Kroger Tortilla Chips Restaurant Style

Similarity Score: 85%

This review might come down to preference. The store brand has a noticeably thinner texture than the name brand, which could be an issue if you're reaching in to scoop up your favorite chunky salsa! However, their taste seems to match up pretty close, so if you don't mind the texture difference go for the store brand, otherwise, stick with Tostitos.


Turkey Hill Cookies and Cream Ice Cream vs. Private Selection Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Similarity Score: 83%

All testers in this review actually preferred the store brand. The name brand had a milder smell and taste, but the store brand tasted more like chocolatey Oreos. It also had more Oreo cookie chunks in it, which we thought was a big plus. This would be an easy switch for us!

Sister Schubert’s Dinner Yeast Rolls vs. Kroger Original Yeast Dinner Roll

Similarity Score: 81%

These rolls advertise as the same but don't let the packaging fool you. The name brand was much easier to prepare and cook, as they can go right from the bag to the oven. The store brand requires thawing before the rolls are placed in the oven. However, testers thought the store brand reminded them of a dinner roll you might find in a restaurant, because it had that quality yeast smell and taste with a doughier texture. The name brand tastes more buttery and is lighter and fluffy in texture. Testers were split in terms of whether they would switch, so this might have to come down to what type of dinner roll you prefer!

Welch’s 100% Grape Juice vs. Kroger 100% Grape Juice

Similarity Score: 81%

Testers actually preferred the store brand's taste in this comparison. Both products matched up pretty closely, but the name brand had a more sour smell and taste. With a milder, sweeter taste, testers would go with the store brand here!


Ziploc Snack Bags vs. Home Sense Snack Bags

Similarity Score: 80%

Both of these bags claim to be the same size, but the store brand is visibly smaller (Hmm... interesting). Testers agreed the name brand is worth the extra few dollars considering its bigger size and nice easy-open tabs. We recommend sticking with Ziploc.


Daisy Cottage Cheese vs. Kroger Cottage Cheese

Similarity Score: 79%

While these two appear to be very similar overall, testers noticed that the name brand tasted slightly more sour and the store brand's texture was creamier. Based on similarity and the appealing creaminess of the store brand, testers agreed they would make the switch!


Quaker Instant Oatmeal Lower Sugar Maple and Brown Sugar vs. Kroger 50% Reduced Sugar Maple Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal

Similarity Score: 75%

This review will have to come down to preference. The store brand tastes much sweeter like maple syrup, while the name brand is much milder in its sweetness. The store brand's texture is a little more watery than the name brand which thickened much quicker. If you don't want to give up that sweet, maple syrup taste then we recommend the store brand, but if you prefer an oatmeal with a reduced sugar taste then stick with Quaker. Both are quality products!


Heinz Organic Tomato Ketchup vs. Simple Truth Organic Tomato Ketchup

Similarity Score: 73%

This review comes down to preference. Both products have similar packaging and texture. The only real difference is that the store brand smelled and tasted a little sweeter while the name brand smelled slightly saltier. Depending on how you like your ketchup, we recommend both brands!


Canada Dry Diet Ginger Ale vs. Big K Diet Ginger Ale

Similarity Score: 70%

The store brand was a disappointment in this comparison. Testers could tell right away these were very different as the store brand tasted way too sweet and almost syrupy (yuck!). It seemed to lack that classic ginger flavor you'd want to find in this soda. We recommend sticking with the name brand here.


Stouffer’s Lasagna with Frozen Meat Sauce vs. Kroger Meat Lasagna

Similarity Score: 67%

Testers were disappointed by the store brand in this comparison. Its lasagna tasted artificial and its noodles were not the same quality as the name brand. The name brand tasted much more authentic and its sauce was way more pleasing compared to the store brand, which tasted bland. The store brand did come with a convenient foil top, which was nicer to work with versus the name brand's plastic covering. Other than that, testers were not impressed with Kroger's lasagna and recommend sticking with Stouffer's.

Gold Peak Diet Tea vs. Kroger Diet Tea

Similarity Score: 65%

These formulas are similar except for taste, and testers preferred the store brand. The name brand is noticeably sweeter while the store brand has a mild taste more like an unsweetened tea. Neither product claims to be sweetened or unsweetened, so it will be based on which type of tea you like better. We recommend both!


Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Fresh Scent vs. Home Sense Disinfecting Wipes Fresh Scent

Similarity Score: 63%

The store brand doesn't appear to match up close enough to the name brand in this case. The store brand has a more chemical smell while the name brand is much more pleasant. When testers looked for streaks after drying, Kroger left more residue. We weren't too pleased with the store brand in this comparison, so we recommend sticking with Clorox.


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