Costco Household Goods - TP to Laundry (and Everything in Between)

Buying household goods in bulk makes a lot of sense to us. First of all, running out of toilet paper is THE WORST, and no one wants to run to the store just to refill a basic need. Buying household products in bulk limits the number of store runs, and these products tend to keep over a long period of time. That being said, if you pick up a bad generic in bulk, you’re stuck with it for a long time! Enter: Brandefy. We’ve tested Costco’s household products to let you know what products you can switch to save on. Check them out here, and remember, we are NOT paid to do these reviews :)

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Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil vs. Kirkland Signature Foodservice Foil

Similarity Score: 100%

Don't be surprised how closely matched these products are! Costco has been known to create a collaboration between a name brand and its Kirkland Signature brand, which is the case here if you'll notice the Reynolds name on the box. As these two products appear to be nearly identical, it's a great way to save yourself some money!


Tide Free & Gentle Laundry Detergent vs. Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Free & Clear Detergent

Similarity Score: 96%

Sensitive skin friends, rejoice! Dye-free, perfume-free generics are usually very good because they do not have to match a color or a scent. The only criteria is they have to clean well without irritating the skin. Kirkland Signature measures up to Tide, and we will happily switch to save!


Kleenex Ultra Soft Facial Tissue vs. Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Premium Facial Tissue

Similarity Score: 89%

Pretty good dupe! Both brands hold up for absorbency and softness.


Bounty Two-Ply Paper Towels vs. Kirkland Signature Create-A-Size Paper Towels

Similarity Score: 88%

The store brand absorbs better than the name brand and rips easier, in our opinion. We'd switch to save!

Glad Cling Wrap vs. Kirkland Signature Stretch- Tite Plastic Food Wrap

Similarity Score: 87%

Testers PREFERRED the store brand's packaging. It was much easier to get the roll started and the blade is on the base of the box. It took about 5 minutes to figure out the edge of the plastic on the Glad wrap, and its blade is on the lid, making it more difficult to cut. We also think the Kirkland Signature wrap is just as durable as Glad. The one positive of Glad is it clinged better for us, but we also found it got more crumpled because of its amazing cling.


Glad Unscented 13 Gallon Tall Kitchen Bags vs. Kirkland Signature 13 Gallon Kitchen Drawstring Bags

Similarity Score: 86%

The store brand held up to the stress test better, so we'd switch to save! We also prefer the drawstrings of the store brand, the name brand strings got stuck more often and were harder to pull up.


Bounce Fresh Linen Dryer Sheets vs. Kirkland Signature Fabric Softener Sheets

Similarity Score: 84%

The Costco sheets have a nice combo of linen and a slight floral smell. We did think Bounce softened slightly better because it appears to have more conditioners built into the sheets. Given that Costco still works well, and testers liked the smell, we would switch to save. Plus, you get 250 sheets in a box of Kirkland Signature, and 240 in a box of Bounce!

Solo Cups vs. Kirkland Signature The Big Red Cup

Similarity Score: 84%

Purely from a durability standpoint, the store brand cup is great for transporting around a party at night. From a build perspective, we love that Solo has a squared bottom and hand grips on the side. Kirkland's cup is shorter and wider, with a circular base. We believe you will be more spill-prone with the Kirkland cup. If you are buying for beer pong, the Kirkland cup will likely topple more easily, so consider your competitors' skill levels when making your purchasing decision. Both cups hold 18 fluid ounces.


Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid vs. Kirkland Signature Environmentally Responsible Liquid Dish Soap

Similarity Score: 82%

These products compared nicely to one another as their consistency and functionality appeared to be very similar. As with many Costco items, this product is more ideal if you plan to use it for refills rather than dispensing soap from the container each time you wash your dishes. We recommend making the switch!


Quilted Northern Toilet Paper vs. Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue

Similarity Score: 80%

Kirkland Signature bath tissue is just a little too thin for our liking. But, there are 425 sheets per roll while Quilted Northern is only 154 sheets per roll!

Cascade Action Pacs Dish Detergent vs. Kirkland Signature Premium Dishwasher Pacs

Similarity Score: 79%

Kirkland Signature is yet another dishwasher pack that is missing the Dawn liquid detergent for extra shine. However, no watermarks were left on our dishes, and they appeared equally clean. When we smelled these before going in the wash, we thought they smelled too strongly of chemicals. However, our dishes had no scent after their wash, so that didn't bother us. We really liked the packaging on the Kirkland Signature packs because they had an easy open and close lid. Overall, we thought Cascade was slightly better, but that Kirkland Signature was good enough to switch and save.

Bounty Napkins vs. Kirkland Signature Napkins

Similarity Score: 73%

The Kirkland napkins definitely have a cheaper feel. Bounty is plush and absorbent, while the Costco napkins feel like paper and are thinner. When given the drop test, liquids soaked through to the other side faster. With that, we would not recommend making the switch.


Tide Pods vs. Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Premium Laundry Detergent Pacs

Similarity Score: 72%

If you love Tide for its clean scent that sticks to your clothes long after the wash, you will be disappointed by the Kirkland Signature detergent. It cleans, but not with the same amount of fresh scent as Tide. If you are going for an easy way to clean your clothes- save money with Kirkland Signature.

DSC_0445 (1).jpg

Cottonelle GentlePlus Flushable Wipes vs. Kirkland Signature Moist Flushable Wipes

Similarity Score: 69%

Testers actually preferred the store brand in this comparison. It has easier packaging and a much more appealing fragrant smell than the name brand. Cottonelle is made with a nice ripple texture but Kirkland Signature seems to be moister. We would definitely switch!


Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Crisp Lemon vs. Kirkland Signature Disinfecting Wipes Lemon Scent

Similarity Score: 59%

These two brands weren't very similar to one another. We liked that the store brand had larger wipes, making it easier for cleaning more area. The texture was slightly rough, but that wouldn't hold us back!

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