Amazon Foods- Solimo, Wickedly Prime, and Happy Belly

We’re back with more Amazon comparisons. That’s right, they even make food! We found that a great bit of it was disappointing- the pasta sauce was extremely watery. On the other hand, a few items were quite good. We LOVED their animal crackers- had to hide the box before we ate them all! See what we think here:

Amazon Solimo Snack.png

Cheez-It Original vs. Solimo Original Cheese Crackers

Similarity Score: 86%

Testers agreed these are a very close comparison. The only noticeable difference is that the name brand's cracker is slightly flakier but both have the much desired cheesy, crunchy taste. We're giving the green light to make the switch! Buy Our Pick


Nutter Butter vs. Happy Belly Peanut Butter Sandwich Cremes

Simiarity Score: 81%

Aside from the name brand's slightly sweeter smell and taste, testers thought these products were very similar in all categories. We recommend making the switch!


Honey Maid Honey Graham Crackers vs. Solimo Honey Graham Crackers

Similarity Score: 79%

Testers agreed the smell and taste was very similar and would be happy to make the switch. The one caveat? We wouldn't suggest these grahams if you're planning a bonfire. The store brand's crispier, flaky texture would be a real bummer if you they fell apart while making S'mores! Otherwise, we're giving the green light.


Barnum’s Animal Crackers vs. Solimo Animal Crackers

Similarity Score: 75%

Testers were pleasantly surprised by the store brand! With a smell and taste reminding us of vanilla and yellow cake batter plus a nice salty aftertaste, we would happily make the switch in the case.


Wheat Thins Original vs. Solimo Original Wheat Crackers

Similarity Score: 73%

If you're a fan of Wheat Thins, you may not want to switch to the store brand. It is noticeably different in color (it has an orange tint) and appears to have a strange aftertaste. You may want to stick with the name brand in this case. Buy Our Pick


Kind Cranberry Almond Bars vs. Wickedly Prime Cashews and Cranberry

Similarity Score: 72%

The ingredients differ slightly in this case - the store brand contains almonds and cashews whereas the name brand has almonds and macadamias. The taste is similar, however, you get a yummy chocolate layer in the store brand's version. This will have to be based on preference. Buy Kind or Buy Wickedly Prime


Nilla Wafers vs. Solimo Vanilla Wafers

Similarity Score: 70%

The store brand didn't seem to stack up in this comparison. Its strange, sweet smell plus its harder texture did not appeal to testers. We suggest sticking with the name brand for its classic wafer taste you can trust. Buy Our Pick

IMG-0289 (1).jpg

Oreo Cookies vs. Happy Belly Chocolate Sandwich Cremes

Similarity Score: 68%

The store brand didn't seem to keep up in this comparison. Its artificial smell and taste turned testers off whereas Oreo's classic chocolate taste plus its convenient peal & seal packaging really stood out. We will be sticking with the name brand. Buy Our Pick


Kind Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt vs. Wickedly Prime Nuts & Sea Salt

Similarity Score: 66%

Testers weren't too pleased with the store brand's version in this case. Its artificial taste and chewy texture just couldn't stack up to the name brand's true chocolate smell and sea salt taste. We will be sticking with the name brand. Buy Our Pick


Kind Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate vs. Wickedly Prime Cocoa Peanut Granola Bars

Similarity Score: 65%

Testers noticed right away that the store brand tasted and felt like more of a sweet treat than a nutritious bar. It seemed to be filled with rice crisps versus the name brand's heartier ingredients. We're sticking with KIND. Purchase Kind Here

Bertolli Traditional Marinara Sauce vs. Solimo Marinara Pasta Sauce

SImilarity Score: 65%

The texture of the name brand really stood out to testers. You can see, smell and taste the herbs while the store brand's recipe seems plain and watery. We would not recommend switching in this case. Buy Bertolli


Prego Roasted Garlic and Herb Sauce vs. Solimo Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce

Similarity Score: 63%

Testers couldn't get over the watery texture of the store brand. Because you can both see and taste the garlic in the name brand's sauce, we will not be making a switch in this case. Buy Our Pick


Kind Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew vs. Wickedly Prime Cherry Nut Crunch Fruit, Nut & Seed Bars

Similarity Score: 59%

These are noticeably different out of the packing due to the green pumpkin seeds appearing in the store brand's bar. The name brand smells and tastes like dark chocolate while the store brand smells strongly of cherry. One tester preferred the cherry taste and smell of the store brand, while the others liked the chocolate of the name brand. This one might have to come down to preference. Buy Kind Here

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