Amazon Solimo Products: Household Edition

Yes, Amazon is MAKING THEIR OWN PRODUCTS! Prepare for world domination. If you’re on board with this, then check out Amazon’s Solimo brand. They have household, personal care, and snack items knocking off some best-selling name brands. We tested their household items, and are sharing the results with you today. We are not backed by Amazon or anyone else.

Amazon Solimo Household New.png

Kleenex Trusted Care Facial Tissue vs. Solimo Facial Tissue

Similarity Score: 96%

Other than the name brand's slightly more convenient packaging and softer feel, testers agreed these products are nearly identical. We would definitely switch to save! Buy Our Pick


Glad Unscented Leak Protection Bags vs. Solimo Tall Kitchen Bags

Similarity Score: 88%

For us, trash bags are all about the durability! The store brand appears to hold up against the name brand when tested against tearing, weight and reliability of the handles. We're confident in our choice and recommend switching to the store brand. Buy Our Pick


Bounty Essentials Paper Towels vs. Solimo Paper Towels

Similarity Score: 82%

Testers liked the Solimo brand because of its flex sheets allowing you to select the size you need. The name brand's absorbency appeared to be a little better, but, overall, 2 out of 3 testers would switch to save because of similarity and the store brand's flex sheets option. Buy Our Pick


Ziploc Seal Top Sandwich Bags vs. Solimo Reclosable Sandwich Bags

Similarity Score: 73%

This comparison is a no brainer, folks. Testers thought these might be a similar matchup until they tested the durability and found out the store brand bags LEAK! Ziploc's tight seal and easy open tabs are why we will be sticking with the name brand in this case. Buy Our Pick


Charmin Ultra Soft 2-ply Toilet Paper vs. Solimo Bath Tissue

SImilarity Score: 72%

Unfortunately, the store brand didn't appear to hold up against Charmin in this comparison. The store brand was slightly thinner and its 2-ply pulled apart really easily. The name brand's soft, plush texture and stronger durability won the vote of testers. Buy Our Pick


Clorox Wipes vs. Solimo Disinfecting Wipes

Similarity Score: 62%

The name brand won the vote of testers in this comparison. Between easier packaging and no residue streaks after drying, testers agreed they would stick with the Clorox wipes. Buy Our Pick

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