Amazon Mountain Falls Brand Laundry Detergent

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Picture this: You go to do your laundry and you grab your bottle of [Tide, Gain, insert preferred detergent brand] and it’s out! Now you have to remember to put it on your grocery list, which is in the kitchen, and pick it up next time you run your errands. Not to mention, laundry detergent ain’t cheap.

Enter: Amazon Prime (side note:we are NOT paid to do these reviews, nor are we in any way affiliated with Amazon). You can order new detergent online and have it come right to your door in two days. If you’ve noticed the Mountain Falls brand that looks like it’s copying brand name detergents, that is an Amazon owned brand.

Amazon has started manufacturing generics, and we’re on a mission to review them for you. Check out what we think of these detergents!

All Free & Clear vs. Mountain Falls Ultra Laundry Detergent Clear & Free

Similarity Score: 92%

We found these products very similar. Even though they are both perfume free, they seemed to have the same very faint scent of soap. They cleaned similarly and did not make our sensitive skins react. We did ding the Mountain Falls a little because the spout is larger and made the detergent come out fast, so watch out for that if you make the switch!


The Mountain Falls versions of Tide and Gain both scored a similarity score of 76%. We thought the scents did not match the name brands at all, and that you get a much weaker scent with the Amazon brand. In fact, both Mountain Falls versions simply smelled like each other, and we wonder if these are almost the same detergents, just marketed so that one looks like Tide and one looks like Gain. Stick with the name brands! Buy Tide or Buy Gain

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