Snacks on Snacks: When Hunger Strikes

Most of us hear that mid-afternoon (or morning, or night, or all the time) tummy grumble and know the snack monster is calling.  Be prepared to answer the call with some of the best snack dupes from Aldi.  We're adding Aldi snacks to the app daily, and we're here to tell you which ones to grab up and which ones to avoid.


When you need something salty...  Aldi does a fantastic job copying Snack Factory's Pretzel Crisps.  We tried Clancy's Pretzel Slims in both the original and everything flavors.  They both scored an overall similarity score of 96% to their name brand counterparts.  Although they are slightly smaller than the Snack Factory pretzels, the taste and texture are very similar.  A snack to avoid- Savoritz 4 Kids Cheddar Penguin snacks.  These attempt to copy Goldfish crackers, but are not as salty and have a very different flavor and texture.  Goldfish Groupies: Beware.

When you need something sweet...  One of the best treats we found are the Baker's Corner Chocolate Mini Muffins from Aldi.  These compare to Hostess Mini Muffins, but the Aldi version blows the competition out of the water.  The Baker's Corner muffins are sweeter and have packages that are much easier to open than the Hostess muffins.  Our adult testers struggled to open the Hostess muffins and commented that it must be particularly challenging for kids who have the name brand packed in their lunchboxes... at least we hope we aren't the only ones on the struggle bus.  Speaking of the struggle bus, we were not fans of Lunch Buddies vanilla pudding.  The Snack Packs puddings are much sweeter and more natural tasting, a win for the name brand in our opinion.

When you want something healthy... Aldi's Southern Grove 100 Calorie Almond Packs will do the trick.  At 93% similar to the name brand, Emeralds, we enjoyed the taste and texture of the generic brand almonds.

We are still snacking away here at Brandefy HQ and encourage you to comment on some of your favorite Aldi snacks.  What's your go-to hunger tamer?

Carolyn KochardComment