Target's Up & Up Household Supplies

That’s right, ladies and gents, we’re shopping the mecca. We’re reviewing all the products from Target and rounding out our household goods category with these latest additions.

Reynolds Genuine Parchment Paper vs. up&up Non-stick Parchment Paper

Similarity Score: 100%

Testers could not tell a difference between these products and all would switch to save! We recommend saving with up & up parchment paper.


Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil vs. up&up Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

Similarity Score: 84%

Testers PREFFERED the up&up foil. They thought it was thicker, smoother, and more durable. Buy Our Pick


Clorox Plus Tilex Mold and Mildew Cleaner vs. up&up Tile Cleaner + Bleach

Similarity Score: 81%

None of our testers would switch to save. While both cleaners have bleach, and thus smell strong, Clorox is a bit more pleasant smelling with some citrus scent worked in. The Clorox spray is much more controlled, and the nozzle is easier to work. They both cleaned mold well. Buy Our Pick


Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper vs. up&up Premium Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

Similarity Score: 72%

Testers thought the Charmin was slightly softer and more durable. The majority would not switch to save unless there's a large price difference. Buy Our Pick


Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper vs. up&up Premium Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

Similarity Score: 63%

Charmin was the winner in this TP showdown, and the majority of the testers would not switch to save. They thought Charmin was softer than the up&up toilet paper. Both have 326 sheets per roll, but the Charmin sheets are wrapped tighter so you have a less bulky roll to put on the holder. Buy Our Pick

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