Scotch Tape vs. Up & Up

If you somehow became voluntold to wrap all of the Christmas gifts this year, you want the best supplies to do so. That’s why we tested Scotch tape.

Scotch Magic Tape vs. up & up Invisible Tape

Similarity Score: 88%

All testers said they would switch to save. They noted that they had similar finished and holds. They did note that the Scotch tape is easier to tear off the roll. Buy Our Pick


Scotch Moving and Packaging Tape vs. up&up Heavy Duty Shipping Tape

Similarity Score: 76%

While two of our testers like the up&up tape for its durability, one was very put off by it. First of all, Scotch is easier to hold. Her main pet peeve was that the up&up tape does not stay within the grips and falls out easily, meaning your tape sticks together and you can't find the end of it. Buy Our Pick


Scotch Gift Wrap Tape vs. up & up Gift Wrap Tape

Similarity Score: 73%

Testers had mixed feelings about this one. They liked that up&up is a more durable tape that holds better, but they liked that Scotch tears off more easily and is transparent so you don't see it as much on the gift. Buy Our Pick


Scotch Double Sided Tape vs. up & up Double Sided Tape

Similarity Score: 67%

All Scotch tape dispensers have a groove on the bottom making them easier to hold than the up & up tape. Up & up has a stronger smell that is pretty funky for tape. Testers did think both tapes held well on stickiness, but Scotch rips off more smoothly. Buy Our Pick


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