Store Brand Sodas: Getting Fizzy With It

At Brandefy, we reserve sodas for special occasions. We know they’ve got plenty of sugar, but who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Plus, the caffeinated beverages don’t hurt!

Diet Dr. Pepper vs. Kroger Dier Dr. K

Testers who prefer Diet Dr Pepper noted a sweeter, cherry taste in the store brand. If you aren't an avid Dr Pepper drinker and don't mind a sweeter version then the store brand will satisfy your craving. If you are an avid DDP drinker, stick with the name brand.


Diet Coke vs. Walmart’s Sam’s Diet Cola

Testers thought the store brand tasted a little sweeter. If you are a Diet Coke lover, we recommend sticking with the name brand.


Coca-Cola vs. Kroger Big K Cola

Testers came to a draw. Half could not tell the difference while the others thought the store brand had a different flavor than the name brand. When tested next to Pepsi, testers thought the store brand tasted more like Pepsi than Coke.

Carolyn KochardComment