Coffee Break! Coffee Mate vs. Great Value and Splenda vs. Aldi and Kroger

I love coffee for the morning jolt, but I am by no means a purist. What I mean by that is I can’t drink it straight up. On the weekends, my husband will pick us up “good coffee” from the local market and he knows my order is a hot coffee with “dessert” thrown in. What is this “dessert” you ask (okay, you didn’t ask, but roll with it). Dessert is loads of creamer and sweetener so that my coffee tastes nothing like coffee. All those with a sweet tooth, holla at ya girl.

I’ll take a little coffee with my dessert :)

I’ll take a little coffee with my dessert :)

Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Creamer vs. Great Value French Vanilla Creamer

Switch to save alert! Our milk expert thought the name brand tasted slightly creamier, but both had similar tastes and levels of sweetness. Our non-expert could not tell them apart.


Splenda vs. Aldi Sweet Additions Sucralose Sweetener

These Aldi Sweet Addition packets really are a sweet addition- switch to save!


Splenda vs. Kroger Apriva Sweetener

We recommend switching to save on the Kroger version of Splenda. Hello, sweet savings!


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