Aldi Brand Personal Care Items: Best to Worst

We’ve talked (okay, bragged) about it. We’ve published highlights. We ate all of Aldi to do this. That’s right, you have come to the World’s Most Comprehensive Guide to Aldi Products: Personal Care Edition.

Scrub a dub dub, it’s time to compare personal care items. If you’re looking to see how the dupes do, look no further.

DSC_0646 (1).jpg

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer VS. Source Advanced Hand Sanitizer

Similarity Score: 93%

Testers couldn’t tell the difference between the two hand sanitizers. We recommend you switch to this Aldi bacteria buster!

DSC_0652 (1).jpg

Coppertone Kids Sunscreen Spray VS. Lacura Kids Sunscreen Continuous Spray

Similarity Score: 76%

Both start out smelling like alcohol, then Coppertone smells like sunscreen while Lacura smells floral. Coppertone feels stickier after and Lacura absorbed better. So that's a win for Lacura. We would all switch!


Tampax Pearl Regular Tampons VS. Blossom Regular Tampons Unscented

Similarity Score: 75%

Tampax leakguard protection is unique to Tampax. The Tampax tampons expand wider after absorbing, allowing for more protection, however Blossom was able to absorb more than Tampax.


Huggies Natural Care Wipes Sensitive Skin VS. Little Journey Thick Quilted Baby Wipes Hypoallergenic

Similarity Score: 71%

Although the basic functionality of the wipes is similar, the Huggies have a moisturizing after-feel that leaves our testers wanting the original.


Johnson's Head-to-Toe Wash & Shampoo Newborn VS. Little Journey Baby Wash Hypoallergenic

Similarity Score: 71%

The ease of opening and closing the Johnson's baby wash is far superior to the generic and has a very distinct baby oil smell. The generic has very little smell but both are very soothing washes.

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