Aldi Brand Frozen Foods: Best to Worst

We’ve talked (okay, bragged) about it. We’ve published highlights. We ate all of Aldi to do this. That’s right, you have come to the World’s Most Comprehensive Guide to Aldi Products: Frozen Foods.

Brrr… it’s cold in here. We have the frozen foods to heat up and the ones you’ll want to ice out.


Tyson Fully Cooked Crispy Chicken Strips vs. Kirkwood Crispy Chicken Strips

Similarity Score: 93%

Switch to save! Though the generic does not have a resealable bag, our testers agreed that the generic is quite similar to the original.


Nestlé Drumstick Vanilla vs. Sundae Shoppe Vanilla Sundae Cones

Similarity Score: 91%

Great dupe! Perfect substitute.

Ore-Ida Tater Tots vs. Season's Choice Potato Puffs

Similarity Score: 90%

Aldi's Potato Puffs are a great alternative with an equally buttery, potatoey taste to the original! Switch to save!


Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie vs. Belmont Make Fudge Not War!

Similarity Score: 88%

With more brownie bits in the store brand, we recommend you make the switch!

Ore-Ida Golden Crinkles French Fried Potatoes vs. Season's Choice Crinkle Cut French Fried Potatoes

Similarity Score: 87%

Switch to save! Our testers preferred the generic due to its crispy outside and airy inside texture.


Totino's Pepperoni Pizza Rolls vs. Mama Cozzi's Pizza Snacks Pepperoni

Similarity Score: 87%

The majority of our testers preferred Mama Cozzi's Pizza Snacks! The generic is slightly chewier, while the name brand has more filling. Great opportunity to switch to save!

Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia vs. Belmont Thank You Cherry Much

Similarity Score: 80%

Ben and Jerry's is SO much creamier and softer, but the flavors are close so we'd switch to save!


TGI Friday's Honey BBQ Chicken Wings vs. Kirkwood Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

Similarity Score: 79%

Though the majority of our testers would switch to save, the following attributes are worth noting: the name brand is meatier and looks more appetizing due to its dark and shiny coloring. The name brand also has a smokier taste and smell.

Ben and Jerry's The Tonight Dough vs. Belmont For Real Dough

Similarity Score 79%

We have to note how beautiful the store brand ice cream is when opening, there is a sweet marbling appearance with the chocolate. Both flavors are fantastic, but the name brand is much creamier. We'd switch!

Halo Top Chocolate Ice Cream vs. Sundae Shoppe Chocolate Ice Cream

Similarity Score: 77%

Our testers preferred the generic! Sundae Shoppe's ice cream is slightly less creamy but has a great chocolate taste.

Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey vs. Belmont Banana Bonanza

Similarity Score: 76%

Ben and Jerry's is the winner when it comes to how creamy the ice cream is. But honestly, the store brand has a great banana flavor that is similar to the name brand and also has more chocolate! We'd switch to save.

Ben and Jerry's Phish Food vs. Belmont Turtlely Awesome


Similarity Score: 75%

We would all switch to save! There's more marshmallows and a different chocolate flavor that's very nice. Ben and Jerry's is sooo creamy and gooey, so that might be your preference.

Tyson Anytizers Hot Wings Buffalo Style vs. Kirkwood Buffalo Style Chicken Wings

Similarity Score: 73%

There are clear differences in the flavoring of these two products. Most noteworthy, is the name brands emphasis on the buffalo flavoring.

Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pie vs. Bremer Chicken Pot Pie

Similarity Score: 72%

Our testers preferred Aldi's Chicken Pot Pie, it has a saltier, more flavorful taste and better tasting dough!


Tombstone Original Pepperoni Pizza vs. Mama Cozzi's Original Thin Pepperoni

Similarity Score: 71%

The majority of our testers would not switch to save. The generic lacks the flavorful, umami taste of the name brand

Udi's Gluten Free Uncured Pepperoni Pizza vs. Live G Free Gluten Free Uncured Pepperoni Pizza

Similarity Score: 68%

The Udi's pizza crust crisps up much better than the Live G Free version. It also has a stronger flavor profile with more seasoning. Udi's gives you more pepperonis on the pizza, while Live G Free gives you more cheese.


Tyson Breast Nuggets vs. Kirkwood Chicken Breast Nuggets

Similarity Score: 63%

Stick with the original! The name brand has a buttery, crispier, more seasoned taste that the generic does not deliver.

Udi's Gluten Free Three Cheese Pizza vs. Live G Free Gluten Free Cheese Pizza

Similarity Score: 62%

The Udi's pizza has a more grown-up taste to it. The crust is crispier and there's more seasoning. If you have a child that is gluten-free, they may like the Live G Free version. The store brand has more cheese and a lot less seasoning on it.

Hot Pockets Pepperoni Pizza vs. Bremer Pepperoni Pizza Hot Stuffed Sandwiches

Similarity Score: 62%

Hot Pockets are cheesier and flakier, but our testers preferred the generic!

Fudgsicle The Original Fudge Pops vs. Sundae Shoppe Chocolate Pops

Similarity Score: 60%

The name brand has a sweeter milk chocolate taste, but the store brand has a nice bite to it. This may not be an opportunity to switch but, not a bland taste.


Halo Top Vanilla Bean Light Ice Cream vs. Sundae Shoppe Vanilla Bean Low Fat Ice Cream

Similarity Score: 60%

While the flavor was decent, testers could not get over the gritty, melty texture of this ice cream. One tester said it was too watery.

Halo Top Mint Chip Ice Cream vs. Sundae Shoppe Mint Chip Ice Cream

Similarity Score: 54%

Halo Top's Mint Chip is a much creamier, better tasting ice cream. Stick with the original!

Purdue Simply Smart Gluten Free Breaded Chicken Nuggets vs. Live G Free Gluten Free Fully Cooked Chicken Nuggets


Similarity Score: 49%

Reviewers could definitely tell the difference between the two chicken nuggets, but they were evenly divided on which product they liked better. Overall testers agreed the texture of the Purdue was better, but that wouldn't stop them from buying the Aldi version instead.


Popsicle Orange Cherry Grape vs. Sundae Shoppe Junior Pop Orange Cherry Grape

Similarity Score: 38%

There's more cherry, orange and grape flavor in the name brand, while the store brand is slightly more medicinal. Not an awesome taste, so we wouldn't switch

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