Best and Worst: Aldi Edition

The eagle has landed. We placed our Brandefy flag on Aldi, and we’re proud of it (side note: not proud of the 27.3 lbs our team has collectively gained this month). That’s right, Brandefy has officially launched in Aldi.

We chose to review Aldi products because 90% of the products they carry in stores are Aldi brands. A store made up of 90% generics? Be still our hearts. Aldi’s stores are also smaller than your average grocery store because they only carry the top selling grocery items. While we wouldn’t recommend going to an Aldi for your speciality local cinnamon/flax/boysenberry granola, we do think you’ll find the bulk of what you need here.

We believe Aldi can be a little confusing for a new comer; each product is made to look almost exactly like the name brand version. Savoritz are duping Cheez-Its, L’Oven fresh has copycat Thomas’ bagels, Millville copies your favorite cereals, and the list goes on. How do you know if the Aldi version is just as good as your beloved Triscuits? Check out the Brandefy app for all reviews, and see below for some of the best and worst Aldi buys.

Best of Aldi:

  1. Summit Diet Cola. Yes, we said it. Someone succeeded in duping our precious Diet Coke. Two out of three testers could

    not tell the difference in a blind taste test, and the two drinks had nearly identical ingredient panels. Hello yummy caffeine break.

  2. Millville Crispy O’s. Aldi takes down the classic Cherrios and scored a 95% similarity score to “the one and only Cheerio-os”

  3. Burman’s Real Mayonaise. Sorry, Hellman’s, but we couldn’t tell these apart in a blind test. We’ll be spreading the Burman’s on our sammies to save.

  4. Friendly Farms Greek Yogurt Strawberry on the Bottom. Let’s face it: buying individual yogurts to throw in the lunchbox can get expensive. This dupe of Chobani is on point.

  5. Kirkwood Crispy Chicken Strips. At 93% similar to Tyson’s Chicken Strips, we’ll be switching to save on this flavorful meat.


Worst of Aldi:

  1. Summit Red Thunder Sugar Free Energy Drink. Our resident Red Bull drinker could not stand the Aldi version and felt they were very dissimilar.

  2. Live G Free Fully Cooked Chicken Nuggets. Unfortunately, our gluten free friends didn’t love these nugs and suggest sticking with the Purdue nuggets.

  3. Elevation Chocolate Caramel Protein Bar. Artificial taste and smell? Gritty texture? No thank you, Atkins bar lovers, this is not for you.

  4. Millville Maple and Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal. This doesn’t give that thick and gooey texture we love with the Quaker oatmeal. However, other flavors knock it out of the park.

  5. Simply Nature Organic Ranch Dressing. No. Just no.

DSC_0096 (1).JPG

Brandefy had a team diligently working to review almost 400 products from Aldi in the past month. That means we ate almost 300 different food items, along with their name brand counterparts. We are now placing ourselves on a juice cleanse, and while we wouldn’t recommend treating your bodies this way, we do recommend consulting the Brandefy app next time you’re navigating the aisles at your local Aldi.

Carolyn KochardComment