And the Oscar Goes to... Star Quality Products

With Oscars night quickly approaching, we want to make sure you’re all set for a fabulous evening (even if you’re in your bathrobe on the couch). Check out our product pairings for each movie and be ready to save some serious cash. Brandefy never gets paid to do product reviews.

And (a few of) the nominees are…

A Star is Born

This Lidstar dupe by Sephora Collection will have you feeling ready to take the stage with Bradley Cooper. The Sephora Collection Sheer Liquid Shadow in Quartz score 89% similar to Glossier Lidstar.

Kayla says: Sephora is 5.5ml for $10 & Glossier is $18 for 4.5ml. Sephora has more shades than Glossier. Both have a doe foot applicator. Sephora's applicator was a bit loose, not sure if that is how it's supposed to be or if I got a defective one. Sephora is a short tube while Glossier is quite long it almost looks like a test tube which I think is very cool packaging. Sephora in Quartz is a bit more rose gold (described on the site as pink) while Glossier in Slip is exactly as described on the site; pink. While different colors swatched on the hand once sheered out on your lid they look very identical. You can use these shadows many different ways to get the color payoff you want. Both have the same consistency & feel. Both dried down well with no creasing and lasted all day. Sephora did dry a lot faster than Glossier. Neither were sticky. While they were not the exact same color, the formulas seemed to be extremely similar so if you're looking for something with more of a shade range, easily accessible compared to Glossier, & cheaper definitely take a peek at what Sephora Collection has to offer to save you some coin! Buy Sephora Collection

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Black Panther

Looking for some cat eyes? This Kat Von D dupe by NYX will have you looking fierce and ready to ascend the throne. NYX’s Epic Ink Liner is 94% similar to Kat Von D Tattoo Liner.

Our makeup maven says: Kat Von D brand is $20 & NYX is $9. You actually get a bit more product in the NYX liner as well. Both colors are very black. They dry down quickly and do not smudge. The liner still looks great after a 12 hour work day. Kat Von D's tip is a bit longer, therefore a little bit easier to do detail work but it doesn't make the NYX any less desirable. We would definitely suggest skipping Kat Von D's liner & just buying this one. Buy NYX

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Bohemian Rhapsody

Don’t need to be a fat-bottomed girl, just need some plump lips, thank you very much. Try Coloupop Lippie Stix in Lumiere. We found it 84% similar to NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anna.

Makeup captain says: These vastly different priced lipsticks were incredibly close in color, were both easy to wear over an entire day and both apply opaque, making them easy to apply. The NARS does last longer, throughout eating and general wear, even though it is a glossy formula. We only refreshed the NARS once throughout the day, versus 3 times with Colourpop, a matte formula. If ease of wear and color is more important, no need to splurge here (unless you're looking for a very long wear formula). Buy Colourpop

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The Favourite

Here’s our favorite popcorn for your viewing experience: try Aldi’s Simply Nature Lightly Sated Popcorn. Simply Nature does an excellent job of recreating an alternative to Skinny Pop Popcorn. Expect a slightly saltier taste from Simply Nature.

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Prosecco is our vice, so take a look at this Costco dupe. Kirkland Signature prosecco nails the flavor of Lamarca. One tester thought these were so similar that he wouldn't be surprised if they were made in the same place. Another tester noted that the Kirkland Prosecco has a slightly stronger white wine smell, but testers agreed the taste is nearly identical. Switch to save!

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