Fight a Cold with Brandefy

It’s cold and flu season. So we are saying, “No thank you” and stocking up on products to help us stay healthy. We compare store brands to name brands to help you save.

Best Tissue: Amazon Solimo Facial Tissues (dupe for Kleenex)

Other than the name brand's slightly more convenient packaging and softer feel, testers agreed these products are nearly identical. We would definitely switch to save! Buy Solimo Tissues Here


Best OJ: Aldi Nature’s Nectar High Pulp Orange Juice (dupe of Tropicana)

If you are looking for a lot of pulp, stick with the name brand. But if some pulp and a tarter taste is what you are after, try out the generic!

Best Hand Sanitizer: Aldi Source Hand Sanitizer (dupe of Purell)

We couldn’t tell the difference between these two sanitizers in a blind smell and feel test. They have similar ingredients, so you know you’re getting a good clean with the generic.

Best Disinfectant: Great Value Disinfectant Spray (dupe of Lysol)

We think you will enjoy saving money with the Great Value Disinfecting Spray. It goes on evenly and kills germs around the house. Buy Great Value Disinfectant Here

Not the chills!

Not the chills!

Carolyn KochardComment