Fighting the Pink Tax

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Ever heard of the “Pink Tax?” If you haven’t, prepare to be angry. Companies charge more for items that are marketed and sold to women. For example Gillette makes razors for men, and they are also the makers of Venus razors for women. The same holds true for some body washes, and don’t even get us started on tampons! While each female product is only a dollar or two more than the male counterpart, it’s truly adding up! According to, the average woman spends over $1,300 on these so called “pink tax” items.

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While these perpetrators keep skating the rules, we will try to save where we can, starting with switching to store brands when they are just as good as name brands. Yes, store brands are still pink tax perpetrators, but they are pricing their products lower than the name brands. We’ve compared some popular store brand “pink tax” items and we didn’t get paid by anyone to do so.

Schick Hydro Silk Disposables vs. CVS beauty 360 Moisture Halo & Comfort Coated Blades Disposable Razors

The beauty 360 had a larger hydrating strip, which made it a little bit stickier/gooier when shaving. Some testers liked the hydrating strip because it meant less shaving cream. Both razors offered a clean shave! Buy Our Pick

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Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash vs. CVS beauty 360 Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

Great dupe alert! These babies are similar on smell, feel, and sudz. Bonus: The CVS beauty 360 bottle has grooves on the side, so it's easier to hold. Buy Our Pick

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Olay Outlast Purifying Birch Water & Lavender Body Wash vs. Equate Beauty Birch Water & Lavender Body Wash

These products are extremely similar. One reviewer slightly preferred the smell of the Equate, but they function identically. Good opportunity to switch & save!

Playtex Sport Regular Unscented Tampons vs. up & up Athletic Tampons Multipack

This tampon dupe is our favorite store brand tampon we have found so far, but there are still differences. First, the wrapper on the up & up one is crinkly, so louder if you are trying to be discreet. The tampon itself is a little bit larger along with the applicator. Shoppers noted that although Playtex has an easy tear flap, the up & up was a little easier to open. Also, the name brand was slightly more bullet shaped. Overall, we were happy with the up & up version which is more than we can say for any other generic tampon so far. Purchase Our Pick

Tampax Pearl Regular Tampons vs. Kroger Plastic Applicator Tampons

This one just came in from a review request. These were similar in several regards except, of course, the absorbent braided string the Pearl tampons are known for was missing from the Kroger dupe. The applicator felt the same, they expanded in a similar rectangular manner and were both fairly absorbent. Kroger’s tampon is longer than Pearl’s, so consider that in terms of comfort.

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