Bring Back the Care Package

With the ease of Amazon, we've noticed a decline in the good old-fashioned care package.  Items picked out for a specific person, lovingly packed for them.  We at Brandefy love our college ambassadors and want to show them the love.  We also can't miss an opportunity to test more products, so naturally, we assembled some boxes just for them.

Meet Kathleen: She's a senior at Wake Forest.  Kathleen is a writer and social media wiz.  Fun facts: She is gluten-free and Gilmore Girls-obsessed.  

Meet Katie: Katie is a third-year (that's UVA jargon for a junior) at the University of Virginia.  Katie is in the business school, is health-conscious, and likes caring for her friends.

With these factors in mind, we went shopping.  We picked up:

  • Publix Hand Sanitizer (because college campuses are like petri-dishes)
  • Publix Makeup Remover Wipes 
  • Kroger Ultra Soft Toilet Paper (this practical suggestion came from our review club) 
  • Aldi 94% Fat-Free Popcorn
  • Aldi Snack Packs of Almonds
  • Aldi Snack Packs of Oreo Thin Crisps (only for Katie because these guys have gluten in them)
  • Aldi Sweet & Salty Peanut Bars

Before we get to the all-important snacks, let's cover the necessities.  Toilet paper ain't cheap and we've got our girls covered.  We found Kroger's Home Sense Ultra Soft toilet paper to be 92% similar to Charmin.  Not only is it just as soft, we found it more durable.  Hinies be happy!  We also have been ladies in college and know the pain of taking off makeup after a long night.  At 79% similar, the Publix version of Neutrogena towelettes will work well at the end of the day.  We did prefer the smell of Neutrogena, but Publix was not offensive.  You know what is offensive?  The amount of germs roaming around a college campus.  At 95% similar to Purell, and coming in travel-size, the Publix Instant Hand Sanitizer is a great product to throw into the purse and use throughout the day.

Snacks are necessary for those late night study sessions.  We wanted to keep them reasonably healthy.  The Aldi Clancy's 94% Fat Free Butter Popcorn is 79% similar to Pop Secret.  It's salty and crunchy- maybe it will inspire a movie break.  When really hungry, protein is the answer.  The Aldi Southern Grove almonds are 93% similar to Emerald and come in individually packaged 100-calorie packs.  Easy to take anywhere! Other portable snacks include the Aldi version of Oreo Thin Crips.  Testers PREFERRED the generic and thought it had a more-chocolatey, "brownie-ish" flavor.  Yes please!  Their version of of Nature Valley Sweet & Salty peanut granola bars are deliciously sweet and soft.  At 79% similar, it's another great option for the avid snacker.

We are also including a super-soft Brandefy T-shirt.  We hope it reminds them of their Brandefy family.  We're sending love, good vibes, and lots of snacks their way this semester!

Carolyn KochardComment