Holiday Gift Guide: Clean Freak Edition

With cold winter weather comes, well…colds. And germs. And holidays with messy baking and present unwrapping and traveling - enough to make any germaphobe shudder. This holiday season, help the germ-conscious out by giving the gift of cleanliness (and helping them learn how to save money in the New Year!) with some of our favorite dupes.

For clean hands:

Smartly Liquid Hand Soap Smells like Lavender has a more appealing packaging and a better smell than the Method version. With a similar lather and functionality, this dupe is a no brainer. Introduce the clean freak in your life to Target’s Smartly brand and you’ll be hearing about it all year long. Purchase Smartly


For clean dishes:

Smartly Liquid Dish Soap Smells Like a Citrus Grove is another awesome Target dupe. Although it doesn’t have an easy to use pump like the Method version, its functionality and smell are enough to capture the heart of your clean freak.

For a clean face:

Up & Up Gentle Skin Cleanser is one of the best dupes we’ve found. This product is practically identical to the tried and true Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (98%!) and will leave skin fresh and clean.

For clean hands on the go:


Go for Source Advanced Hand Sanitizer. This great Aldi dupe is sure to keep bacteria at bay during the germy winter months.

For a clean counter:

Smartly All Purpose Surface Cleaner Clementine not only has far fewer ingredients than the Method cleaner, but it also offers a higher volume of product. Perfect for cleaning up that post-Christmas mess! A surface cleaner is pointless without paper towels. Try swapping Bounty 2 Ply Paper Towels for Up & Up Make-a-Size Paper for a similar absorbency.

Although unconventional, with gifts like these your friends will be squeaky clean all season long!

Kathleen BurnsComment