New Years Resolution Three: Cook In More

Our third resolution is easier for some more so than others. We are attempting to cook in more and are helping you save while doing so. Brandefy compares store brands to name brands. We don’t get paid to do so, but we want to help save you time and money! Let’s save double by cooking in!

Carolyn, here: A favorite meal growing up was goulash. My mom made it with egg noodles, gravy, and beef. You can use your protein of choice, but we recommend it cubed. Serve it with a side salad and you’re ready to go!

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 12.49.32 PM.png

Mueller’s Hearty Homestyle Egg Noodles vs. Target Market Pantry Wide Egg Noodles

Similarity Score: 89%

The only difference we could tell is shape- if you like a sheet-like noodle, stick to the name brand. Otherwise, go with the spiral of Market Pantry. Buy Our Pick


Heinz Homestyle Gravy Roasted Turkey vs. Kroger Roasted Turkey Gravy

Similarity Score: 71%

Testers preferred the store brand over Heinz. They thought Kroger tastes and smells like a warm stuffing.

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