Holiday Gift Guide: Teacher Edition

Former teacher here. Holiday gifts are not necessary, but if you’re getting them for the teachers in your life spend your money on something they will actually like. Pro tip: gift cards are always a good idea. Another good idea, a nice gift basket with items to relax and indulge. Winter break is time for teachers to do a little self-care and you can help them out.

Here are our top store brand picks:

Give the gift of chocolate. Aldi’s Moser Roth Dark Chocolate is 83% similar to Lindt, and since Moser Roth is a real chocolatier in Germany, you can feel confident you’re giving the good stuff.

Moser Roth proves to be a very good alternative to Lindt. With the cocoa our panel agreed that the Moser Roth had a stronger cocoa taste and smell. It was not quite as smooth as the Lindt bar. The packaging is worth noting since Moser Roth individually packages 5 bars instead of simply wrapping the entire bar in flimsy foil.


A little soak never hurt anyone. We found Walmart’s Equate version of Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment to be a great alternative to the name brand. The only noticeable difference between these products is the smell. Even though they are both made up of oatmeal, the Aveeno one smells slightly of cinnamon, while Equate smells like plain oatmeal. Both were soothing but did clump a little in the tub.

Moisturize this winter. Teachers wash their hands A LOT. Thus, skin gets dry. Check out Target’s up&up Advanced Therapy Body Lotion. We compared it to Suave, and both lotions had a similar, neutral smell. They were similar in color, packaging, and after-feel. We did find the up & up version to be slightly thicker and easier to rub in. With similar ingredient panels, we gave the target version a 90% similarity score. Buy Our Pick


Relax the face. Testers PREFFERED the CVS beauty 360 Hydrating Deep Moisture Mask over the Simple Hydrating Sheet Mask. Both masks left skin smooth, but the Simple sheet had a packaging flaw and was smooshed in a ball upon opening. Plus, it was slimy! Buy Our Pick

With some great gifts, you’re ready to throw them into a basket and tie a bow around it all! We also recommend getting double of these items- you deserve to relax after mastering gift giving this year!

Carolyn KochardComment