Brandefy Take-Over: Sister, Friend, and Smart-Shopping Mother

Meet Gray. She’s a sister of team Brandefy, mom to a sweet three year old boy (biased, here, he’s the best), and the chief purchasing officer for her household. Like all of us, Gray cares about quality products, but she wouldn’t mind saving some money along the way. She’s tried some products based on Brandefy’s recommendations, and she’s willing to test some more for us. See what she has to say.

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Hi Mommas,

I used to be footloose and fancy free. My budget consisted of working towards travel, and my biggest decision every day was what skirt to wear to work. Then, everything changed. Enter kids. There is now SO. MUCH. TO. BUY. so budgeting and finding ways to save is huge. The other thing that is huge? Keeping my sanity! When I buy a generic, there is some level of concern that my kid won’t eat it or use it. And nobody’s got time for that. Even worse? Have you ever had to call the doctor in the middle of the night because your little one had splotches all over his body after switching to a new body wash? Certainly no one has time for that kind of stress.

I feel like I’m constantly straddling the line between saving and spending whatever it takes to keep my toddler (and let’s be honest, me) from full meltdown mode. Thankfully, Brandefy lets me know when to buy name brand and when to buy generic. My cereal-loving kiddo has made the transition from Kellogg’s Rice Krispies to Millville Crispy Rice Cereal, and was completely unaware that it’s a different brand cereal. While this was rated highly in the Brandefy app, we passed on the Fruit & Grain Soft Baked Bars based on Brandefy’s low score. Sticking to the Nutrigrain bars reduces snack time issues.

Now I need you! What products are you dying to have another mom compare? How can Brandefy help moms know when to save some bucks and when to use them for the name brand products? Should I check out more snacks? Diapers? Kids’ body washes? Comment below and let me know what to test. Happy shopping and happy saving!

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