Tampax Pearl Super Tampons vs. equate Super Tampons

Once again, we have found Tampax Pearl to be the superior tampon for leak guard protection and an overall better build.  Our quest for a better store brand tampon will not end.

Packaging and build make the equate tampon a no-go for us.

Packaging and build make the equate tampon a no-go for us.

Brandefy compares off brands (i.e., equate) to name brands (i.e., Tampax) to show you when the generic is as good as the name brand, and to warn you when it is not. Our goal is to help you save time and money, and to have a good time while doing it.

We have previously compared Tampax Pearl to up&up tampons, and found that the store brand tampon did not do as well for overnight protection.  We promised you we would continue our quest for a good Tampax dupe, which brought us to Walmart.

Unfortunately, the equate tampon did not succeed in imitating the Pearl tampon either.  The wrapper was fairly discreet, and the applicator was similar to Pearl's. However, the most important factors to us are comfort and leak prevention.  This is where the equate tampon failed.  Tampax has a comfortable cup shape, and a braided part of the string to hold in leaks.  The equate tampon was more rectangular in shape and did not have the crucial braid.  Our Brandefy ladies will continue to search for what matters to us, and we will be buying Tampax in the meantime.

Carolyn KochardComment