Tampax Pearl Multipack Tampons vs. up & up Multipack Tampons

We went there... so you don't have too.  If you have always been a "Pearl girl" as the old ads used to say, we recommend you remain one.  Plainly put, the up & up tampons do NOT measure up.

Yep, we went there. We will be sticking with the name brand.

Yep, we went there. We will be sticking with the name brand.

Brandefy compares store brands (i.e., up & up) to name brands (i.e., Tampax Pearl) to share when the generic is as good as the name brand, and to warn you when it is not. Our purpose is to help you save time and money, and to have a good time while doing it.

We will spare you too many details of our testing, but we did an overnight with a super Tampax Pearl and an overnight with an up & up super tampon.  The first thing you may notice is the up & up does not have the quiet wrapper like the Pearl.  If you care about the discreet factor, this will bother you.  This was not a deal breaker over at Brandefy, but there was another key difference that we did NOT appreciate.

We believe the braided end of the Tampax Pearl tampon does a nice job of protecting against leaks.  The up & up tampon does not have this, and an overnight leak occurred.  Needless to say, this was frustrating.  The applicators are fairly similar, but that's about it.

We will keep searching for a better tampon dupe, but in the meantime, you may want to stick to the Pearls.