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CVS Gold Emblem candy corn is no match for Brach's candy corn, but Walmart Great Value sour gummy worms are a great comparison to Trolli.

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Brandefy compares store brands (i.e. Great Value) to name brands (i.e. Trolli) to make you aware when they are worth the switch and when they are not. Our goal is to save you money and time, all while smiling. Check out our ratings page to get a quick view of how store brands stack up.

It's Halloween, so the sweet tooth is kicking in.  We headed to several stores to find some candies to compare.  You may have noticed there are not many generic candies, but we found candy corn and worms.  Nothing says Halloween like candy corn and creepy worms!  We grabbed Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers and Great Value Sour Gummy Worms at Walmart.  Then we headed to CVS and got Brach's Candy Corn and the Gold Emblem version.

We did get the 3lb bag, because, reasons.

We did get the 3lb bag, because, reasons.

Let's begin with the candy corn.  We ate a lot.  We taste tested first and all enjoyed the honey flavor of the Brach's brand more than the CVS.  After comparing the ingredients, we noticed that Brach's has fewer ingredients and what appears to be more honey.  There is one score for the CVS candy, however.  The shape and appearance of the CVS candy was more triangular and smooth.  If you are simply buying candy corn for a Pinterest-inspired centerpiece, we suggest you use the CVS version!

Our sugar journey then took us to the gummy worms.  One Brandefy expert LOVES sour gummy worms!  We compared both brands by eating what appeared to be the same flavors one after the other.  We found the taste to be almost identical.  We compared the ingredients, and they are almost the exact same.  Sorry Trolli, we will be sticking to Great Value from now on!

Tomorrow, we compare toothpastes...

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