Ketchup Madness 2018

Which store brand ketchup will rise above the rest to challenge heinz for the crown?


With summer heading into full-swing, it’s prime time to start making plans for America’s birthday, the 4th of July. And for many of us, July 4th means heading to the beach, the lake, or just a backyard swimming pool, and soaking in the sun with friends and family. There’s no better way to feed a group of hungry revelers than firing up the grill and cooking some hot dogs and hamburgers. And no barbecue is complete without America’s condiment, ketchup.

Most people will default to the tried and true, Heinz. But at Brandefy, we’re always wondering it there’s a better way, so we are putting together a ketchup gauntlet to figure out which store brand ketchup is king. Eight store brands will enter our ketchup bracket, March Madness-style, and only one will emerge unscathed. Once a champion has been crowned, we’ll see how it stacks up against Heinz. And as University of Virginia grads, we know all too well that upsets can happen…

We’ve taken the 8 most-requested store brands from our loyal Brandefyers, and put them into a bracket to go toe-to-toe(mato). Let’s take a look at the contenders:

1) Kroger Original Tomato KetchUP VS 8) Harris Teeter Tomato Ketchup

Any grocery conversation has to include Kroger, a true heavyweight with a surprising number of quality store brand producs. We’ve pegged them as an early favorite and given them our 1 seed.

Any grocery conversation has to include Kroger, a true heavyweight with a surprising number of quality store brand products. We’ve pegged them as an early favorite and given them our 1 seed.


Our local Harris Teeter is right next to a Kroger, so it's fitting that these two should kick off the tournament with a grudge match that rivals Team Edward vs Team Jacob. Can "the Teets" bust the bracket and make it to round 2?

2) Walmart Great Value Tomato Ketchup vs 7) Wegmans tomato ketchup


America’s largest retailer can’t be overlooked. Walmart offers the opportunity to pick up everything you need for your 4th of July barbecue, so we want to check out whether it’s worth saving money with their store brand.


No grocery store inspires more loyalty among its customers than Wegmans, and we’re here to find out if they should place their trust in Wegmans ketchup. Every bracket needs an underdog, but we think Wegmans absolutely deserves its shot against these retail giants.

3) Target Market Pantry Tomato Ketchup vs 6) Aldi Burman's Tomato Ketchup


Our Brandefyers love Target, and we’re here to find out if topping your dog or burger with Market Pantry ketchup should be a part of a successful 4th of July celebration.


This German juggernaut offers some of the best savings out there. In honor of America, the great melting pot, we’re welcome to seeing whether the Germans should supply the ketchup for America’s birthday.

4) Whole Foods 365 Tomato Ketchup vs 5) Trader Joe's Organic Ketchup


Whole Foods might not be your first thought when thinking about saving money, but since Amazon purchased the retailer, they’ve quietly been reducing prices and upping their store brand game.


Trader Joes has bad parking lots, but excellent store brands. We usually pop in for the fabulous wine selection and off-the-wall products, but we’re going to see if they can do a classic staple justice.

first-round results will arrive June 21!

Check back in the lead-up to America's birthday to see which store brand ketchup YOU should have on the table for July 4th! Have your own ketchup preference? Let us know!

Which ketchup is your favorite?