Neutrogena Men Invigorating Face Wash vs. Blade for Men by CVS

While at CVS this week, we noticed what we thought was a new brand of personal care products: Blade for Men. Upon closer inspection, however, we discovered that Blade was actually a CVS store brand.  We decided to pick up the Blade for Men Invigorating Face wash, a product that directly compared to Neutrogena Men’s Invigorating Face Wash.

The packaging for both products came in a stand-up plastic tube, with the identically colored blue face wash inside.  We noticed the Blade bottle dispensed the product a little too quickly, and squeezing the bottle yielded more product than we wanted.

The ingredient formulations are very similar, with the ingredients contained in both highlighted in green in the table below, while ingredients unique to one product or the other are left in white.


Our consumer testing panel noted a slight preference for the smell of the Neutrogena product, but overall the smells were considered highly comparable.

The CVS product was noticeably more watery than the Neutrogena product, leading to a lower consistency comparison score.

When the face wash was applied to the skin and used, the Neutrogena version lathered better. Additionally, the CVS version was a little bit harder to rinse off the skin.

Overall Similarity Score: 78%. Overall, this similarity score was not driven by one large outlier. The Blade version was just slightly different across most categories and in the ingredient mix. We feel like it is slightly inferior to the name brand, but could be worth a buy for the budget-conscious shopper.