Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash Pink Grapefruit vs. Up&Up Skin Clearing Body Wash


Neutrogena’s pink grapefruit line of personal care products has been one of our most popular comparisons, so we grabbed a body wash off the shelf and put it to the test.

Neutrogena’s packaging came with a sturdier lid, and was easier to dispense from the bottle.

Examining the ingredients, the active ingredients were identical: Salycilic Acid at 2% volume. In terms of inactive ingredients, there was substantial overlap with some minor variations. It’s possible that the Up&Up version is an older formulation of the name brand.

The products both smelled quite similar, with a pleasant citrus tone. Our consumer panel ranked the products extremely similar in terms of scent. The products were virtually indistinguishable in terms of color, as well.

The consistency of the products was indistinguishable, and neither left any sort of residue after rinsing.

Overall Similarity Score: 91.5%. This Up&Up version is an extremely good copycat, and easy for us to recommend you buy.