Morphe x Jeffree Star Eye Brush Collection Dupe - Shop Miss A Paw Paw Eye Brush Set

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Buying a full set of brushes does not have to be a huge investment. Shop Miss A does is again with this brush set!

Morphe x Jeffree Star Eye Brush Collection vs. Shop Miss A Paw Paw Eye Brush Set

*Morphe is cruelty-free according to Free the Bunnies and Shop Miss A is cruelty-free according to PETA. Makeup Maven, Kayla, says: Morphe x Jeffree Star Eye Brush Collection is $42 for 10 brushes while Shop Miss A Paw Paw All About Eyes Brush set is $10.55 for 10 brushes. Morphe comes with a pink zip pencil-like case while Shop Miss A comes with a pink vegan leather brush holder.

Before this Morphe set came out I was an avid user of the Shop Miss A brushes. I have 3 sets in total. I also am an avid user of a lot of different Morphe brushes. I enjoy both brands. Both brands right out of the packaging had a horrible potent chemical smell. I actually had to air both brands out before I even attempted to use them. Both brands have pink handles. Morphe’s brushes are a bit lighter but neither are uncomfortable to hold. Morphe’s set includes natural & synthetic brushes. The pink bristled ones are synthetic while the white is natural. SMA’s brushes are all synthetic. These brands have quite similar brushes as they are all intended for eye use. Morphe’s J57 is an eyebrow brush with a spool & matches pretty well to SMA’s E133 brush. Morphe’s spoolie is a bit longer & eyebrow brush is slightly thinner. Both seem to have the same density and worked very well during the application of my brows. Morphe’s JS10 & 11 are flat shadow/concealer brushes and match SMA’s E131 pretty well. Morphe’s JS5, 6 & 9 are varied sizes of blender brushes with tapered edges & out of all of the brushes from this Morphe collection these ones feel scratchy & the bristles are all varying lengths. The bristles seem to be kind of going every which way before I even used them. SMA’s E126, 128 & 129 are similarly varied size blending brushes but they are less tapered than Morphe’s. Morphe’s JS8 is extremely similar to SMA’s E127 both are blending brushes perfect for the crease. They have a very similar shape and length with SMA being a little thicker. Morphe’s JS13 & SMA’s E132 are very similar. They are both small dome-shaped crease brushes. JS13 is slightly smaller and more compact. JS12 is a precise blending tapered brush and it is comparable to SMA’s E130 which I also a precise blending brush. It’s a bit larger in size than the JS12. This leave 3 brushes that do not really have a corresponding brush within the brands. SMA’s E134 & E125 which is a pencil crease brush & an angled blending brush (This one came defective and cut a little weird. It didn’t match my prior E125’s the bristles were all different lengths. Odd, but wanted to note that.) JS14 is a liner brush.

Both brands were very nice to use - despite the few from Morphe that felt scratchy I got a really nice makeup application from pretty much every brush. I wasn’t disappointed in the application from either brand in any way. I’ve used these brushes for a few weeks now & have since washed them a few times. I use Cinema Secrets for quick cleaning & Dawn for a deep clean. Morphe’s set tends to fray & shed. It’s not something I’m new to - as that seems to happen with a lot of Morphe’s brushes. The larger blending brushes tend to lose their shape in the Shop Miss A set after several washes. Despite this, they are still a good set for only $10.55. If you’ve been wanting a nice eye brush set I would definitely recommend the SMA brush set. I don’t think I would repurchase the Morphe x Jeffree Star set but I would without a doubt repurchase Shop Miss A.

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