Not a Dupe - Honest Beauty Doesn't Match up to Lilah B. Marvelous Matte Crème Foundation


We’re all about finding you great dupes, but also want to warn you when one just doesn’t hold up. Katie says pay up for the Lilah B. with this one.

Lilah Beauty Marvelous Matte Creme Foundation vs. Honest Beauty Everything Crème Foundation

*Both brands are cruelty-free according to Ethical Elephant. Makeup Maven, Katie, says: The Lilah B. foundation is luxurious from start to finish. Smooth, creamy, and matte finish. It wore all day on oily skin without separation at all. It acts as both a foundation and concealer, while being very light weight. Easy to blend and build just like they claim on their packaging. I wish I could say the Honest beauty was the same and that it was amazing, however... that is not the case. The Honest Beauty foundation was tick, hard to blend, showed all texture right away, and ended up settling into pores throughout the day. It didn't feel heavy on the face, but it also didn't look good at all. These products are not dupes for each other. The Lilah B. took the cake all the way! Buy our pick

Bottom left - Lilah B. Top right - Honest Beauty

Bottom left - Lilah B. Top right - Honest Beauty

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