Our Favorite Shop Miss A Products

We recently posted about the Shop Miss A Paw Paw Blending Sponge on our Instagram page, and the people went crazy for it. This brand seems too good to be true with its fun colors and super low prices, but guys, after taking a look at the reviews in our app, we think it’s safe to say this brand is a hit. Additionallly, PETA certifies the brand as cruelty-free. Let’s take a look at some of their top dupes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit vs. Shop Miss A Perfect Pressed Highlighters

You’ll have to buy the SMA highlighters individually to match the shades in ABH, but at $1 each, we still think it’s a great deal. Try the Shop Miss A Highlighters in Lavish, Tiara, and Fortune for some of our favorite looks.

And one review in particular to see what we mean…

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit in Empress vs. Shop Miss A Perfect Pressed Highlighter in Lavish

*Both brands are certified cruelty-free according to Ethical Elephant and PETA. Kayla says:Wow just wow. I'm blown away by this dupe! ABH Glow Kit in Sugar has 4 highlighter shades. This retails for $40. Shop Miss A sells individual highlighters for $1! If you are in love with one shade in the ABH Glow Kit and do not want to spend $40 on the whole package - this dupe is for you. Or buy all 4 dupes from Shop Miss A & save yourself $36! Shop Miss A's highlighter in Lavish is a fantastic dupe for ABH's Butterscotch. Both are a gold in color & work well with any skin tone. Both are buttery smooth, blend extremely well & are very blinding. ABH's formula is a bit more full coverage than Shop Miss A's. But it's not really noticeable - color wise this is right on point. Shop Miss A's highlighters are buildable. If you are looking for a dupe for Butterscotch - this is it! Buy our pick


Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Ride or Die Foundation Brush vs. Shop Miss A F4 Round Brush

*Shop Miss A is certified cruelty-free according to PETA but Morphe is NOT. Morphe's Foundation brush is $16. Shop Miss A's is $2 and comes with another Kabuki brush. Our makeup maven's opinion: both brushes are awesome but Shop Miss A's is borderline identical in the look & feel of Morphe's. Morphe's handle is a bit chunkier & white in color while Shop Miss A's handle is a bit slimmer & black. The bristles on both are so incredibly soft and very densely packed to be able to buff and put on foundation extremely well. I put foundation on one side of my face with the Morphe & the other with Shop Miss A. I didn't find either of them to leave brush strokes on my face & I found both of them to be incredibly soft and easy to blend the foundation on my face. While the Morphe brush isn't overly expensive the fact that you get 2 brushes for $2 versus 1 brush for $16 and it's the same if not better than the Morphe brand it's pretty much a no-brainer on what you should purchase. Also I think it's important to notice that the Shop Miss A brush is VEGAN! Buy our pick


Glossier Boy Brow vs. Shop Miss A Go Brow Mascara

*Both brands are certified cruelty-free according to Ethical Elephant and PETA. Makeup Maven, Kayla, says: Glossier Boy Brow is $16 for 3.12 grams & Shop Miss A is $1 for 3 grams. I honestly cannot tell much of a difference between these products. They both work very well to fill in your brows & last all day. Glossier's brush is a little thinner while Shop Miss A's is a bit thicker. I honestly don't see the need to spend $16 on Glossier when you can get the exact same results for $1. Buy our pick


Beauty Blender Blending Sponge vs. Shop Miss A Paw Paw Wonder Blender

*Beautyblender is certified cruelty-free according to Cruelty-Free Kitty and Shop Miss A is certified according to PETA. Kayla says: The Original Beauty Blender is $20 & The Shop Miss A blender is $1.55. Both are pink in color and are tear dropped shape. There aren't many differences between these two sponges. The only difference is Shop Miss A gets a bit bigger than BB when wet. I didn't find it to be harder to work with because of the size, I actually felt like I blended foundation much quicker using the Shop Miss A blender. Foundation blended out with either on the face look very beautiful. Beauty Blender is also a bit more firm than Shop Miss A so due to this I think it may soak up a little more product than BB but it wasn't really noticeable and for the price, it's something I can deal with. Beauty Blender's color has actually come off on my hands a little bit in the past while using it but Shop Miss A has never done that to me. Both clean up well. If you're looking for a good dupe for the Beauty Blender - Shop Miss A has it! Buy our pick


Glossier Lidstar in Slip vs. Shop Miss A a2o Glow Liquid Eyeshadow

*Glossier is certified cruelty-free according to Ethical Elephant. a2o is certified cruelty-free under its parent company, AOA Cosmetics, according to PETA. Makeup Maven, Kayla, says: Glossier Lidstar is $16 for 4.5 ml while Shop Miss A is $1 for 2.37 ml. Shop Miss A has 12 different colors to choose from while Glossier only has 6. I really like both products. Both are in a tube with a doe foot applicator. I usually use the applicator to put the eyeshadow on my lid and blend out with my finger or a brush. Glossier is wetter and thinner in consistency compared to Shop Miss A. I think Shop Miss is a little bit more pigmented compared to Glossier. Both products blended out on my eye well and dried down relatively quickly. They sheer out or you can build the intensity. They leave behind the prettiest glow on your eyes. Neither brand creased on my hooded eyes and both lasted about a 12 hour day. I was really impressed with how nice the Shop Miss A liquid eyeshadows really were. You seriously cannot go wrong with only $1. I think Shop Miss A's liquid eyeshadows are a fantastic dupe for Glossier's Lid Stars. Plus, it saves you $15 per tube. Buy our pick

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