Natasha Denona Safari All Matte Eyeshadow Palette Dupe - Ccolor Savanna Palette

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Natasha Denona Safari All Matte Eyeshadow Palette vs. Ccolor Savanna Palette

*Natasha Denona is cruelty-free and CColor does not comment on their cruelty-free status. Makeup Maven, Kayla, found Natasha Denona for $129 for 37.5 grams and CColor Cosmetics for $8 for 15 grams. Kayla says: Both products have 15 eyeshadows & mirrors in their palettes. You do get much more product in the Natasha Denona Safari palette and her palette is much larger and much more luxe. It’s a plastic hard case palette with a very generous mirror. CColor Cosmetics Savanna palette is cardboard and much smaller in size with a much smaller mirror. Side-by-side the palettes are almost identical. It’s really amazing. While swatching I noticed the Natasha Denona shadows feel much softer as well as much more matte. The colors are extremely similar and it’s hard to tell them apart. The only real differences that I noticed is ‘Desert Date’ & ‘Tribe’ in the Natasha Denona palette are a bit darker while their counterparts in the CColor Cosmetics palette are a bit brighter. During application, Natasha Denona shadows were pigmented right off the bat. The shadows blended beautifully. CColor Cosmetics shadows were very muted upon first application and while they blended just as beautifully, it’s almost as if the color just kind of blended away. These are very buildable shadows and you can get to the pigmented color that Natasha Denona offers you just have to build the color up and spend a bit more time on them - packing motions worked best for me. I wondered how the shadows would look after 10 hour wear due to this and I was actually incredibly surprised. I couldn’t really tell the difference between each eye once I built up the color from the CColor’s palette. I wore pretty much every shadow offered in both palettes over the course of 4 days - each palette on each eye. I did an all matte look every time. When I would get home after a 10 hour work day I was surprised at what I saw EVERY time. The CColor Cosmetics side looked better than the Natasha Denona side. The colors were just as pigmented as when I first put them on my lid about 10 hours prior. The Natasha Denona side had kind of faded away a bit. That side didn’t look bad just it always appeared much lighter than the CColor side once I got home. Not anything like it looked when I first applied it. I was really impressed with CColor’s little palette and how well it took up against the $130 palette. If you’ve been wanting to try a Natasha Denona dupe this little guy should be your go-to! Buy our pick

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