Glossier Lash Slick Dupe - Maybelline Snapscara

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This one comes from a group of testers and the jury has reached a verdict… save your money with Maybelline!

*Glossier is certified cruelty-free according to The Ethical Elephant but Maybelline is NOT. The newest makeup mavens gave us their review on this comparison! Overall, all said that Maybelline was a great dupe for Glossier and some even said they preferred Maybelline’s version. Glossier has more of a girly packaging while Maybelline seems to be more edgy but the quality of both is the same. The main difference that mavens noticed was the style of the spoolie brushes. Maybelline has a curved, tapered brush with what looks like more bristles and Glossier has just a straight brush with short bristles. Both formulas have a scent that is noticeable and unappealing but not overpowering. When it comes to application, these mavens said that Maybelline separated their lashes better and made them look slightly fuller, perhaps due to the longer bristles. One tester said that she curled her lashes prior to application and noticed that Maybelline’s formula held the curl while Glossier’s formula seemed to cause her lashes to go flat. The wear time on these are equally as good – mavens confirmed they both lasted a 10-hour day. Maybelline comes in five shades while Glossier only comes in black. These mavens definitely recommend saving your money and sticking with Maybelline! Buy our pick

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