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We think these colors are gOrGeOus! They’re perfect for day or night. See what Kayla thought about these looks.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold REMASTERED Palette vs. Iconic Beauty Hollywood Eyeshadow Palette

*Both Huda Beauty and Iconic Beauty are cruelty-free. Makeup Maven, Kayla, found Huda Beauty for $65 for 18 eyeshadows at 16.6 grams and Iconic Beauty for $18 for 18 eyeshadows at 18 grams. Kayla says: Both products come in very similar packaging with their generous size mirrors and magnetic closures. Huda’s palette cover is gorgeous. My eye definitely went to that first. But it’s what’s inside that counts! Side-by-side the colors in both palettes look quite similar. The biggest difference (and you can tell just by looking side-by-side) is the shimmer shades. Iconic Beauty’s are pearl shade,s while Huda’s shades are more foiled. Iconic Beauty’s shades look chunky in the pan. Huda’s foiled shades are indented almost as if there was an issue in pressing the shades and there isn’t as much eyeshadow in the pans compared to the mattes. Upon some research apparently, that is an ongoing issue with this particular palette. Despite the texture difference, they did swatch very similarly. Iconic Beauty’s shades were not chunky at all with a slightly less dramatic sheen compared to Huda. Huda’s shades are more wet looking. But once on the lid you really cannot tell much of a difference - they all share the same reflects. Performance is the exact same. The colors are basically spot on - my favorite being Rose Gold. It is a pretty pink with blue and gold reflects. Iconic Beauty nailed this shade. The matte shades blend beautifully in both palettes. Neither have much fallout or kickback. I enjoyed both palettes. If you have been wanting to try Huda Beauty but didn’t want to shell out the $65 especially for an imperfect palette definitely give Iconic Beauty a try. Buy our pick

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Iconic Beauty Downtown Eyeshadow Palette vs. Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette

*Both Huda Beauty and Iconic Beauty are cruelty-free. Makeup Maven, Kayla, found Huda Beauty Desert Dusk for $65 and Iconic Beauty for $18. Kayla says: Both have 18 eyeshadows and come in a similar cardboard palette with a magnetic closure and a nice mirror. Huda’s mattes are hard-pressed therefore it will take some finesse with blending. Iconic Beauty’s matte shadows are much softer, therefore, they are easier to work with when blending, but due to this, the shadows will have some minor fall out / kickback. This isn’t a deal-breaker for me. Both palettes are very pigmented, I didn’t get any patchiness from either palette. Side-by-side the palettes look almost identical. A few shades in the Huda palette appear to be a bit darker (Amethyst, OUD, Musk, Cosmo & Blazing). While swatching there were a few shades that were noticeably different. Chinatown in IB palette is much lighter compared to its counterpart OUD. Perishing Square in IB is much pinker than its counterpart Eden. Huda’s shimmer shades are more foiled compared to Iconic Beauty's. Despite this IB, did do a great job duping the reflects in every shade offered in the Huda palette. There are slight differences when swatching them side-by-side but in the end, you get a very similar look from both palettes. Turkish Delight, Cashmere, and Cosmo are fantastically duped from the Huda in the IB palette. While Cosmo & Fashion District look different in the pans, I think they are the exact same shade once applied. It is recommended to use a glitter glue for these shades as they are pressed glitters. Iconic Beauty actually has more glitter in this shade compared to Huda, it’s not as sheer. Twilight is my favorite shade in the Huda Desert Dusk palette and I really loved the counterpart shade Angel in Iconic Beauty as well despite being a bit lighter than Twilight. Despite these small differences, I think this palette is a great alternative you can get extremely similar looks. Using both palettes on each eye you can’t really tell much of a difference. Definitely give Iconic Beauty Downtown try! I don't think you’ll be disappointed. Buy our pick

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