Get to Know Iconic Beauty: Stix

One of the many things we love about working on Brandefy is getting to discover great beauty brands. Iconic Beauty is based in LA, is cruelty-free, and is a lot less expensive than the prestige products. See how their collection of “Stix” stacked up against Milk Makeup.

Milk Makeup Hydrating Oil Stick vs. Iconic Beauty Glow Stix

*Both Milk and Iconic beauty are cruelty-free. Makeup Maven, Kayla, says: MILK is $24 for 28 grams while Iconic Beauty is $15 for 25 grams. Both products come in an extremely similar container. Iconic Beauty doesn't really have any fragrance while MILK has a slight citrus scent which I was not really a fan of. Both products claim to hydrate and give you a healthy glow. I love that these products have a mess-free application. However, when I took the protective cap off of the MILK stick the cap took off a lot of the product with it which caused a bit of a mess. I have combo oily skin in the summer and combo dry in the winter. Personally, these products would be better for me in the winter months or used during my nighttime routine in the summer. Both products definitely do hydrate and give you a sheen to your skin. Both products go on easily, but both products took a long time to absorb into my skin which is why I think it's better to use at night. I don't think putting foundation over top this product would be a good idea unless you are very dry. I used the products around 10 AM and 4 hours later the products were still not fully absorbed. I believe Iconic Beauty has less harsh ingredients compared to MILK. In the end, I would choose Iconic Beauty because you get around the same amount of product for less money as well as better ingredients. It's a no brainer here for sure. Buy our pick

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Milk Makeup Cooling Water Stick vs. Iconic Beauty Cool Stix

*Both Iconic Beauty and Milk Makeup are cruelty-free. Makeup Maven, Kayla, says: Milk is $24 for 34 grams while Iconic Beauty is $15 for 25 grams. Both products claim to the do the same thing - de-puff and cool your skin with caffeine. Side-by-side the products look extremely similar. Both come in a similar component - Milk is blue while Iconic Beauty is white. Both products go on clear. Milk has very little fragrance while Iconic Beauty smells like cucumbers. I really love the smell of Iconic Beauty. At first I didn't think I would but while applying it gave me the sense of putting cucumbers on my eyes - and it just added to that self care / spa-like feel. I really enjoyed the smell. The smell doesn't linger, it does dissipate quickly during application. Both products feel very cooling on the skin and apply easily. You don't have to press down hard to distribute the product. Iconic Beauty did dry down faster compared to Milk. My under eyes have slight puffiness to them - both sticks helped to reduce the puffiness as well as just feel very nice on the skin. I picture using these on a really humid day. Both products dried down well and meshed well with foundation and other makeup afterwards. I think Iconic Beauty's Cool Stix is a fantastic dupe for Milk Cooling Water. You get a little less product for less money and it essentially feels and does the exact same thing. If you don't mind a cucumber fragrance definitely give Iconic Beauty Cool Stix a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Buy our pick

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Milk Makeup Blur Stick vs. Iconic Beauty Blur Stick

*Both Milk Makeup and Iconic Beauty are cruelty-free.Makeup Maven, Kayla, says: Milk is $36 for 28 grams while Iconic Beauty is $15 for 25 grams. Both come in an extremely similar container. Milk doesn't have much of a smell while Iconic Beauty has a slightly sweet smell to it. When opening Iconic Beauty the top protective cover took quite a chunk off the top of the stick. Luckily, I was able to fix it. Both products claim to blur your face, reduce the look of your pores and fine lines, as well as keep your face looking matte all day. I have large pores around my nose area as well as an oily t-zone. Usually, by the end of the day, my foundation separates around these areas. I found Milk Makeup difficult to use. Milk is hard - when swiping it across your face nothing really comes off the stick and the more you swipe the more it balls up. I felt like I was tugging on my face while trying to apply. Even rubbing it on my wrist to warm the product up it didn't help much. It's quite waxy and not smooth at all during application. Once I was able to successfully blend out Milk, it did fill in my pores quite well and I did stay matte for most of the day. Some oil peeked through on my t-zone but my foundation stayed in place. Iconic Beauty blends beautifully - it's smooth right off the bat and it glides over your face easily. It absorbs into your skin quite quickly. Iconic Beauty also filled in my pores very well and kept me matte for a large portion of the day. I didn't have much oil peeking through in my t-zone at all. I think this is a fantastic dupe for Milk's Blur Stick. It's easier to use, gives the same effect, and is cheaper! Buy our pick

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