Artis Elite Oval 7 Brush Dupe - Ulta Beauty Oval Foundation Brush

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*According to Beauty Bunny, Artis is cruelty-free. Ulta Beauty is not cruelty-free. Makeup Maven, Michael (MK) says: I would like to be very honest and say that for the price of the Artis Brush, I feel you are truly paying for the name and the packaging. The box it comes in is huge and really I feel that's such an added unnecessary cost. The bristles of the Artis brush are softer than the Ulta Oval Foundation brush, however, they both are still very soft for the skin and feel oh so nice when you are applying your makeup. Not only that, both brushes have a sturdy design and I feel okay about really going to town with it for body makeup. Both brushes do use synthetic bristles which means no animal hairs in the product. Finally, I have to be very honest and say that the Ulta Oval Brush did pick up a lot more product than the Artis Brush which did give me a fuller coverage when I applied my makeup, with the Artis Brush I did have to build the coverage. I feel the Ulta one hand's downs gives you more bang for your buck however if you are one of those that can afford to spend $65 for a brush you may enjoy the Artis Brush. I will say as a person that is in the industry that if you are an everyday beauty on a budget go ahead and get the Ulta Oval Brush! Buy our pick

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