Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette vs. Alter Ego Daydream Eyeshadow Palette

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*According to Ethical Elephant, Huda Beauty is cruelty-free. Alter Ego is also cruelty-free.

Makeup Maven, Kayla, says: Huda is $65 for 19.7 grams of product while Alter Ego is $18 for 16.2 grams of product. Both palettes look quite different side to side - Huda is more muted while Alter Ego's shades seem a bit darker. Once swatched you can see some differences in a few of the shades - Tickle & Secret seem to not really have a dupe in the Alter Ego palette. Despite this, I was really impressed with Alter Ego. They duped Huda really well with their shimmer / pressed glitter shades & even the concealer. Huda's concealer did give me a bit more coverage. Alter Ego's shimmer shades are awesome. They copied Huda's right down to the reflects. Huda's shimmer shades are much wetter looking but both brands are absolutely beautiful and easy to use. Alter Ego's pressed glitter is extremely similar to Huda's - you definitely need some sort of glitter glue to apply these. Formula wise for the matte's in Alter Ego they are much easier to work with than Huda's because they are not as hard-pressed therefore you will get more fall out & kick back with Alter Ego's formula - but both brands blend well and are easy to use Huda's will just take more time to blend. Alter Ego's formula is very buildable while Huda's is pigmented right off the bat. Alter Ego would be a good palette for a beginner. Both brands lasted all day. If you've been wanting to try the Huda New Nude this is one of the best dupes of it out there. Definitely give it a try! I was not disappointed. Buy our pick

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