Tarte Face Tape Foundation Dupes

Lots of review requests came in, so we decided to answer the call! Tarte Face Tape Foundation dupes, courtesy of Makeup Maven, Kristin,

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Tarte Face Tape Foundation vs. Sephora Collection 10 Hour Wear Perfection Foundation

Similarity Score: 91%

*Tarte is certified cruelty-free but Sephora Collection is NOT. Makeup Maven, Kristin, says: These two foundations really felt similar all around, except for the almost $20 price difference (although the Sephora does contain slightly less product). The packaging is basically the same for both products, as both come with a pump. The texture and feel of the formulas are both smooth, but a bit thick. Upon application, the Face Tape foundation provided slightly more coverage, but this really evened out throughout the day with some wear. On my normal to oily skin, both foundations lasted well throughout the day, although I did find them both to be a bit fussy to apply evenly around my mouth and the edges of my nose. I found both of them to be much easier to apply evenly with a brush as opposed to a sponge, and preferred both of these formulas without a primer. The Tarte foundation does have a very distinct fragrance, which is strong right out of the bottle, but does not linger on the skin. For me, neither of these products will become my new favorite foundation but I do think they are very similar to each other - if you like the Face Tape, definitely give the Sephora a try. Buy our pick

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Tarte Face Tape Foundation vs. L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation

Similarity Score: 71%

*Tarte is certified cruelty-free but L'Oreal is NOT. Makeup Maven, Kristin, says: This L'Oreal foundation may be a new favorite product for me - but unfortunately, it isn't a comparable product to the Tarte foundation. The L'Oreal foundation has SPF, comes in 30 shades, has nice sleek packagaing with a pump and is a quite thin, watery formula that evenly applies with a sponge. The Tarte foundation packaging is much bulkier, but still provides a pump, has 50 shades in the range, and is a thicker formula that applies more evenly with a brush (as opposed to a sponge). Both of these products have a fragrance to them, but they are different and neither scent lasts after application. The Tarte foundation just looked and felt heavier all around on my normal to oily skin - it provided coverage, but was also harder to apply evenly. It didn't sink into the skin as nicely as the L'Oreal foundation, which is incredibly lightweight. I noticed that my powder face products (blush and highlighter) also looked more vibrant and lasted longer on top of the L'Oreal foundation. Both foundations did wear well for about an 8-10 hour day without touching up. If you are hooked to Tarte foundation, L'Oreal isn't the dupe for you. If you are looking for a lightweight foundation to blend with a sponge, give L'Oreal a try. Buy our pick

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