UCANBE Magic Spell Eyeshadow Palette vs. Lime Crime Venus XL 2 Eyeshadow Palette

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*Both Lime Crime and UCANBE claim to be cruelty-free. Cruelty-Free Kitty took Lime Crime off their cruelty-free list because of Lime Crime's privacy issues. Makeup Maven, Kayla, found Lime Crime for $58 and UCANBE for $14. Kayla says: Both have 18 shades. Both palettes have mirrors. Lime Crime is a much larger palette & the pans are about a half gram larger than UCANBE's palette. Side by side the palettes look extremely alike. A few shades you can tell some differences. Upon application, I thought UCANBE's mattes were much easier to work with. They were much more pigmented right off the bat unlike Lime Crime's where you had to build color. Both palettes are very easy to blend out. A few of Lime Crime's shimmer shades were much more pigmented than UCANBE's. I applied those with my fingertips. All of the colors are dead matches upon swatching except Lime Crime's Obscure is MUCH more pigmented than UCANBE's Sorcery. When you use Sorcery on your lid no matter the application it just barely shows up. Lime Crime's Crown & Phoenix does not have a corresponding dupe in UCANBE's palette which leaves UCANBE's Black Magic & Bewitchment to not have a color dupe in Lime Crime's palette. Overall I think UCANBE's Magical palette is great for the price. If you've been wanting Lime Crime Venus XL but didn't want to shell out the $58 you can get basically the exact same shades. Buy our pick

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