The Product Problem: Cutting Down Our Beauty Spend

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There are Reddits devoted to makeup addicts. People who love the thrill of purchasing something new. They may never use it, or they may only use it a few times and then throw it in the back of the cabinet to be lost in an abyss forever. Look, if you saw my bathroom, you’d know I’m guilty as charged.

According to the average woman will spend $200,000 on beauty products in her lifetime. Now imagine if you are someone who spends more than the average lady on beauty products. You could buy a house with what you’re spending. While that is astounding, we would never suggest you stop purchasing makeup. First of all, beauty is an art. It is a form of self-expression and can help you play up your features. Second, there are some great products out there that are worth trying. So while we don’t suggest you stop purchasing makeup, we do suggest you spend less on makeup.

So, what can we do about this? Baby steps.

Step 1: I’m committed to choosing one beauty product I love and will focus on using that until it is completely gone before I buy it again. This means my e.l.f. Camo Concealer (a $5 dupe of Tarte Shape Tape) must be used in its entirety before I buy another concealer.

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Step 2: Before I hit “Add to Cart” on a product, I will check to see if there’s a dupe. For example, there are too many great lipsticks out there to spend $25 on one. If I’m dying for a particular shade, there’s got to be a $7 drugstore version somewhere out there.


Step 3: Evaluate my skincare routine. I have sensitive skin and what many influencers and beauty boxes pedal is not actually going to work for me. The newest mask or lotion makes me break out, eye creams turn my skin bright red. Why am I purchasing products that hurt me? To solve this, I will be isolating my skincare products and seeing what works best for me. Keeping myself on a routine of a gentle cleanser, moisturizer with SPF, and a good cream will be a good start. If I decide to do a mask, I will ask myself what the purpose of the mask is. Keeping track and taking notes of what skincare products work and what to shed. Check out this gentle cleanser dupe.

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I plan to start simple and work from there. What steps are you taking to simplify your beauty routine and only purchase products you are going to use? Comment below.

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