New Target Line: Makeup Obsession

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Alert! New makeup line exclusive to Target and we’re all over it here at Brandefy. The packaging is colorful and the names are fun. But is the actual product good? We’re here to shed some light. Rumor has it, Makeup Obsession is by the same people as Makeup Revolution.

Huda Beauty Resting Boss Face Waterproof Setting Spray vs. Makeup Obsession Fit Fix Extra Hold Makeup Fixing Spray

Similarity Score: 80%

*Both of these brands are certified cruelty-free. Makeup Maven, Kayla, says: Kayla, says: Huda is $32 for 100ml & Makeup Obsession is $7.99 for 100ml. I am combo dry - with my t zone getting a little oily by the end of the day. Both setting sprays leave a matte finish. Both have a nice sprayer with a semi-fine mist. You don't get huge droplets on your face like with some setting sprays. Huda’s smell is extreme. I wasn't a fan of it at all. It’s a very strong floral scent. This actually feels like your spraying your face with hair spray. It does what it says, it does make your makeup last ALL day with very little oiliness creeping through by the end of it. This setting spray was made with drag queens in mind so this is an intense setting spray that isn't necessary for everyday use. Huda has some very troubling ingredients. The FIRST ingredient is Alcohol Denat & the 4th ingredient is Isopropyl Alcohol. Both are extremely bad for your skin especially if you're already dry & sensitive. About 11 fragrant ingredients in Huda, 8 of which are considered 'Allergen' ingredients. Makeup Obsession also has Alcohol Denat listed as it’s second ingredient but it also has several ingredients that are good for dry skin & counteract sensitive reactions (Aloe Leaf Juice). There is a very slight smell it reminded me of Pistachios. It dissipates quite quickly after it’s sprayed & it’s very light. Both products made my face feel slightly tight during application but once it dried down that feeling went away & I was very matte. My makeup went nowhere after spraying Makeup Obsession. I was incredibly impressed with the hold it had. Both of these setting sprays have very similar wear time. However, Makeup Obsession has less troubling ingredients, a far less abrasive smell & it’s much cheaper. If you liked Huda setting spray but didn’t like those things about it definitely give Makeup Obsession a try because it is great! Buy our pick

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Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray vs. Makeup Obsession Fit Fix Extra Hold Setting Spray

Similarity Score: 79%

*Both Makeup Obsession and Urban Decay are cruelty-free* Makeup Maven, Kayla, says: Urban Decay is $33 for 4oz while Makeup Obsession is $8 for 3.38oz. Both products come in a similar spray bottle with a similar mist. They are very lightweight on the face. I am not a fan of Urban Decay's smell, it reminds of bad cough medicine. Makeup Obsession smells like pistachios or cherries. It's a very light smell. Both products smell dissipates quite quickly. Alcohol Denat is the 2nd ingredient in both products. This may be an irritant for someone with sensitive skin. Both have Aloe Leaf Juice which helps with dry skin that the Alcohol may give you. I am combo dry with an oily t zone by the end of the day and with both setting sprays my oil was very little when I got home from a 12 hour work day. Both products kept my makeup looking nice & fresh. If you're a fan of Urban Decay definitely give Makeup Obsession's setting spray a try. I will be switching over. (Tip: After your primer, foundation & concealer spray your face with setting spray and then proceed with your powder products - at the end spray with setting spray again and it will really lock down your makeup!) Buy our pick

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Smashbox Photo Finish Reduce Redness Primer vs. Makeup Obsession Even Out Anti-Redness Primer

Similarity Score: 76%

*Both of these brands are cruelty-free. Makeup Maven, Kayla, says: Smashbox is $39 for 1 oz while Makeup Obsessions is $8 for 0.94 oz. Both products are marketed to color correct your face to reduce redness & even out your skin tone. Both products are green in color - Smashbox is darker than Makeup Obsessions. Both feel very velvety and soft in texture & make your face feel very smooth. Smashbox is a bit thicker in consistency. Both products make your foundation look really good & flawless all day. I have combo dry skin with an oily t zone. Both products kept the oil away for most of the day with 1 touch up as well as smell extremely similar. I have very mild redness on my cheeks and was actually quite disappointed when neither product really helped reduce the redness. Other than that both primers worked really well just didn't live up to their 'color correcting' marketing. For someone else, they may. If you're a fan of Smashbox definitely give Makeup Obsessions a try. The savings are huge! Buy our pick

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Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight vs. Makeup Obsession Let’s Glow Liquid Illuminator

Similarity Score: 68%

*Both of these brands are cruelty-free* Makeup Maven, Kayla, says: Cover FX is $42 for 15ml & Makeup Obsession is $12 for 15ml. Both products are in glass component with a glass dropper. Cover FX doesn't have much of a smell & Makeup Obsession smells like nail polish. Both products side by side in the bottles look extremely similar - a golden silver shimmer but when you look closer at the Makeup Obsession's bottle you notice that it has blue/purple color shift to it. Target or Revolution's webpage does not state this. They only state it as a golden shimmer. I was surprised when I put it on seeing the different colors when I moved my face. Cover FX's Moonlight is a gold/silver shimmer. Both products have the same consistency - I applied these several different ways and every single time Cover FX was much harder to blend out on my skin. I applied each brand with my finger, a brush & a beauty blender. Cover FX dried much quicker and was much harder to blend out compared to Makeup Obsession but even though it didn't blend out easy Moonlight is very blinding and lasted all day. MO blended like a dream & I will tell you, it is BLINDING. This liquid highlighter is awesome. No complaints here. Due to the blue/purple shift MO is NOT a color dupe for Cover FX's Moonlight - but formula wise this is extremely similar and actually better because it blends out like a dream - extremely blinding & lasts all day. You will not be disappointed. Buy our pick

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Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer vs. Makeup Obsession Picture Perfect Primer

Similarity Score: 64%

*Both Tatcha and Makeup Obsession are cruelty-free* Makeup Maven, Kayla, says: Tatcha is 20g for $52 & Makeup Obsession is 28g for $8. These products have nothing in common packaging wise - Tatcha is in a jar with a little spatula to help apply it to your face. Makeup Obsession comes in a squeeze tube. Both are whipped in texture and feel very velvety in your hands. Both products do a fantastic job smoothing out your pores & filling them in for foundation application. I have large pores around my nose and both products helped reduce the look of them. I like Makeup Obsession's packaging more only because it’s easier to dispense. Makeup Obsession doesn’t have much of a smell, unlike Tatcha. Tatcha smells so nice but it is quite fragrant. After 12 hour work day both primers held up really well. If you’re a fan of Tatcha - definitely give this pore blurring primer a try. Definitely will save you some coin! Buy our pick

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Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer vs. Makeup Obsession Mega Conceal Longwear Concealer

Similarity Score: 61%

*Both Tarte and Makeup Obsession are cruelty-free* Makeup Maven, Kayla, says: Tarte is $27 for 10ml & Makeup Obsession is $10 for 13ml. Makeup Obsession is in a very fat tube while Tarte is much thinner. Tarte has a large doe foot applicator while MO has a paddle-like applicator which I did not like as it didn't pick up much product & getting into the spaces for contouring & under eye was a bit difficult. Both products blend well - Tarte is very full coverage. Makeup Obsession is not as thick as Tarte nor is it as full coverage. It dries quite quickly & does crease. It's also quite drying on me. I usually have to set with setting powder to get rid of creasing but where this was so drying it didn't really help. Tarte is much more hydrating. Makeup Obsession did okay at covering my dark circles but I think Tarte did much better. MO contains caffeine which is said to help with dark circles & puffiness. I don't think these are very good dupes for each other as one formula is much thicker in consistency and much more hydrating. If I was going to continue to use Makeup Obsession it would be more for spot blemish concealing only. Buy our pick

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