Morphe by Jaclyn Hill the Eye Master Collection vs. e.l.f. Brushes

Artists need good tools - and good makeup requires good brushes. See what our makeup maven, Kimberly, thinks of these e.l.f. dupes.

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Morphe JH33 Universal Blender Brush vs. e.l.f. Blending Brush

Makeup Maven, Kimberly, says: e.l.f.'s Blending Brush is nearly identical to Morphe's JH33 Universal Blender Brush! Each brush had the same length bristles, but Morphe's bristles were slightly more pointed. However, e.l.f.'s bristles felt a bit softer. Each brush picked up plenty of product and applied to the eyelid without any issues. Each brush blended my eyeshadows beautifully. The Morphe brush retails for $8 and the e.l.f. brush retails for $3. e.l.f. is famous for making fabulous eye shadow brushes for those on a budget, and I can see why! You can buy almost three e.l.f. brushes for the price of one Morphe brush. Save your money on this one! Buy our pick

Morphe JH43 Eyeliner Smudge Brush vs. e.l.f. Eyeliner Brush

Kimberly says: Morphe's JH43 Eyeliner Smudge Brush is a real winner! Both brushes had the same bristle lengths, but Mophe's bristles were pointed at the edge - e.l.f.'s bristles lay totally flat at the top. Because of this, it was much more difficult to control the product on the eyelid while using e.l.f.'s brush. The Morphe brush retails for $4 and the e.l.f. brush retails for $1. The price difference is not much of a splurge, but the difference in the results is huge! Go with Morphe on this one. Buy our pick

Morphe JH42 Brow Bone Highlight Brush vs. e.l.f. Eyeshadow Brush

Beauty Guru, Kimberly, says: Morphe's JH42 Brow Bone Highlight Brush and e.l.f.'s Eyeshadow Brush are surprisingly similar! Thought they were made with two different use intentions, each brush can be used interchangeably. Each brush has the same bristle shape, just drastically different sizes. If you want a more precise look, Morphe's smaller brush head will do the trick. If you are creating a smokey look or want to cover more areas at once, e.l.f. is a better option. The Morphe brush retails for $4 and the e.l.f. brush retails for only $1. It won't hurt your wallet to just pick up both! Buy Morphe here and Buy e.l.f. here

Morphe JH40 Precise Blender Brush vs. e.l.f. Eye Crease Brush

Makeup Maven, Kimberly, says: Morphe's JH40 Precise Blender Brush definitely lives up to its name - it is certainly precise with a much more pointed tip. e.l.f.'s brush was, unfortunately, a bit disappointing. Though it was a crease brush, I felt the bristles were a bit too thick (especially for my hooded eyes!) However, the thickness of the e.l.f. brush was great for creating a smokey eye. Depending on the look you want to create with your eye shadow, I found that either brush is worth it. The Morphe brush retails for $6 and the e.l.f. brush retails for $3. Buy our pick