Brandless Beauty Roundup: Hits and Misses

Brandless is an online retailer attempting to bring people quality products “without the brand tax.” We have previously reviewed some of their products online, and we think some are great but others are cheaply made and that the price per ounce isn’t actually that remarkable. See what we thought of the latest batch.

What we like about Brandless: they are certified cruelty free, they are transparent about their prices, and they sell their products online

What we don’t like about Brandless: some products appear cheaply made


Glossier Soothing Face Mist Rosewater Spray vs. Brandless Facial Toner Spray

Similarity Score: 91%

We really liked this dupe! We thought these products were almost identical in all areas. Both sprayed like a fine mist. We noticed an initial slight difference in smell, but once they both sat on the skin you really couldn't tell them apart. Brandless is only $5 and you actually get 0.8 more ounces in the bottle than Glossier. So, we definitely recommend switching! Buy our pick


Raw Sugar Sugar Lemon Scrub vs. Brandless Body Scrub

Similarity Score: 78%

Raw Sugar is $13 for 15 oz and Brandless is $5 for 8 oz. We thought these smelled similar, and both reminded us of lemonade. Brandless is a little stronger on this smell. Both products are cruelty-free. Raw Sugar does donate a bar of soap for every product purchased - that makes us feel great! Both products have a similar texture and leave the skin fresh and well-hydrated. You lose the luxe bamboo top with Brandless (Raw Sugar's bamboo top is rather swish, while Brandless is all plastic), but the product inside is very close. We give this dupe the green light!

Native Citrus and Herbal Musk Deodorant vs. Brandless Citrus Neroli Deodorant

Similarity Score: 71%

Brandless has a more feminine scent as it smells purely of citrus. Native does have some hints of citrus, but we noticed it smells musky, which makes it more of a masculine scent. Both products have a powdery texture but neither is smooth like that of a Tom's deodorant. Brandless may be slightly rougher. We noticed that Native protected better against sweat. Overall, we decided we wouldn't switch due to the lack of sweat protection. However, if you're looking for a more feminine scent and don't need as much sweat protection, you might give Brandless a try. Buy our pick

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser vs. Brandless Facial Cleanser Grapefruit

Similarity Score: 67%

We liked the packaging of Neutrogena better because it came with a pump. Brandless just has a flip top, but we realize this might be better if you're traveling. The scents are not the same at all, considering Neutrogena really does smell like grapefruit, but Brandless smells like oranges. Both formulas are gel-based and lather well, but Neutrogena comes with salicylic acid that helps fight against acne. We decided we wouldn't make the switch here, but if you don't mind the scent difference and aren't looking for an acne cleanser then you might give Brandless a try. Buy our pick

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub vs. Brandless Facial Scrub Grapefruit

Similarity Score: 54%

Our tester has been using Neutrogena for years and recommends steering clear of the Brandless scrub. She thinks it is more of a body scrub than a facial scrub. It is thick and has the consistency of a sugar scrub. Additionally, it left a chalky residue on the skin. The smell is much sweeter and is not as strong of a sour grapefruit smell as the Neutrogena. We suggest not using Brandless if you have sensitive skin. We will try this against another facial scrub, but it is certainly NOT a dupe for Neutrogena. Buy our pick