Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Palette vs. Alter Ego Temptress

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Kayla says:

ABH Sultry is $45. Alter Ego Temptress is $16. Both have 14 eyeshadows. Looking at the eyeshadows in the pans the colors look identical. The color order is different & the Temptress pans look a little bit bigger but the colors are spot on with each other. Sultry's packaging is more luxe. The palette comes with a mirror, a dual ended eyeshadow brush, and the outside is covered in glitter. The glitter does not fall off the packaging when touched, which is a huge bonus. Personally, I hate when you get something with glitter & when you touch it the glitter is all over your hands, clothes, your desk & everything in between. The packaging is gorgeous. Temptress also has a mirror & while the packaging isn't as fancy as ABH it's still pretty nice. It doesn't feel cheap. When swatching the shadows the formula seems identical. The eyeshadows are buttery smooth and give off a lot of pigmentation. Upon using the eyeshadows I noticed Sultry's shimmers had much more fall out compared to Temptress. Both formulas are buttery smooth and do not lack in pigmentation. Both were quite easy to work with and blended really well. The shimmers in Sultry had a bit more chunky glitter in the formula while Temptress was just a smooth metallic type of finish. I did two different eye looks using these palettes and I really couldn't tell a difference between the two. I am incredibly blown away by how great Alter Ego's palette is and how identical it is to Anastasia. If you're looking for a cheaper option with the same blend-ability & amazing pigmentation with very little fall out Temptress is the palette to get! You will not be disappointed.

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