Jeffree Star Thirsty Palette vs. TrendBeauty in Rio Love

The shades in this Jeffree Star palette are TO DIE FOR, the price… not so much. On the flip side, this lower priced dupe is hard to find online. See what Kayla thinks of both.

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Thirsty Eyeshadow Palette vs. TrendBeauty In Rio Love Eyeshadow Palette

Similarity Score: 69%

These palettes are hard to find, but we don't know that it will matter... Kayla says stick with Jeffree Star:

Jeffree Star's palette in Thirsty is $48 & TrendBeauty's palette in In Rio Love is $6.99. Both palettes have 15 shades. Both palettes are cruelty free. Pan size Thirsty is much larger than In Rio Love. Upon looking at the shades in the pans side by side they look extremely similar. The mattes in both palettes feel very buttery smooth but I did have an easier time blending Jeffree's. Taste Buds, Biiiitch! & Parched do not match any of the shades in TrendBeauty's palette. Both palettes mattes are very pigmented & buildable. Jeffree's shimmers felt very gritty feeling & TrendBeauty's shimmers are very smooth but do have more of a chunky glitter formula. Pigment wise Jeffree's shimmers blew TrendBeauty's out of the water. The shades Kumquat through Drizzle in the Thirsty palette have pretty good dupes in TrendBeauty's palette. The Thirsty palette is hard to obtain as it's usually always sold out, so if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the Thirsty palette this would be a good one to pick up. Especially if you are looking for a dupe for the unique shades of Quench, Submerge & Splash. However, if you're a die-hard Jeffree Star fan this palette probably won't live up to his formula that you know & love.

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