Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit Dupes

Kayla is back and here to help you glow! See what she thought of these Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow dupes. Whether you go for the individuals by Shop Miss A, or the full palette by Copycat beauty, we think you’ll enjoy the savings. We’re never paid to do reviews :)

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit vs. Shop Miss A Perfect Pressed Highlighter in Lavis, Tiara

Similarity Score: 91%

Kayla says:Wow just wow. I'm blown away by this dupe! ABH Glow Kit in Sugar has 4 highlighter shades. This retails for $40. Shop Miss A sells individual highlighters for $1! If you are in love with one shade in the ABH Glow Kit and do not want to spend $40 on the whole package - this dupe is for you. Or buy all 4 dupes from Shop Miss A & save yourself $36! Shop Miss A's highlighter in Lavish is a fantastic dupe for ABH's Butterscotch. Tiara dupes ABH’s Starburst. Both highlighters are buttery smooth, blend extremely well & are very blinding. ABH's formula is a bit more full coverage than Shop Miss A's. But it's not really noticeable - color wise this is right on point. Shop Miss A's highlighters are buildable. If you are looking for a dupe for - this is it! Shop Miss A

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit vs. CopyCat Beauty Beach Glow

Similarity Score: 81%

ABH is $40 and CCB is $8.99. The packaging is similar. The pans are the same size, however, the ABH pans are easily removable. The ABH palette is much heavier and I think in general it looks nicer. There is no mirror in the ABH palette but CCB does have one. In the pans, 3 out of 4 colors in the CCB palette are dupes for the ABH palette. ABH's Gum Drop does not look anything like it's 'dupe' in the CCB palette. Gum Drop is much less pink. When swatching each palette the colors are borderline identical. ABH's Starburst matches the best with CCB’s version. I found both brands to last all day on the skin & I couldn’t tell much of a difference between the two. ABH is a bit more reflective & CCB is slightly chunky in consistency. In the end, I think both products are beautiful. Buy CopyCat Beauty

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